How To Sell A Used Car Online}

Submitted by: Vikram KR

Did you know that the best way to sell a used car today is over the internet? When you post an ad online you will be able to reach a much larger number of prospective buyers as compared to putting an ad in the classifieds section of your local newspaper.

There are several sites such as CarZag that have old and new cars for sale online. These sites act as online platforms that facilitate the buying and selling of old and new cars. Car owners who want to sell a used car can simply place an ad with all of the relevant information and prospective buyers who are looking for cars can scour the ads and select one that best suits their requirements and their budget.

If youve never tried selling a vehicle online you may not know how to go about it but dont worry. Its simple really.

You go to the site and register yourself. The registration formalities are simple and straightforward. After you are done, you will be directed to the classifieds ad where you can post details of your vehicle.

The very basic details you will need to enter in the ad include the following:

YouTube Preview Image

The make and model of the ca

The year of manufacture

How many miles the car has done since the beginning

The body colo

The type of interiors (whether you have leather seats, etc)

Any special features of the vehicle (have you installed a special audio system or upgraded any features)

After entering these basic details you will have the option to enter any additional details that you want to. Here you may want to mention if youve got a brand new set of tires or anything else extra. All of these little details will make a big difference. If a buyer is trying to decide between two cars that are similar, the one with new tires would definitely sound like a sweeter deal. So dont dismiss any detail no matter how small it sounds.

After you are finished with this, you will get to the part where you can upload photographs if you want to. When you want to sell a used car online, you absolutely should upload photographs. While there is no fixed number of photographs that work best, you should have at least a few that show the car from various angles. Get a few of the exterior and some of the interior too and post them all up with the ad so potential buyers can get a good look at your car. Buyers are always more comfortable if they can see the actual vehicle and you will get more queries than if you post a car sale ad without pictures. This is not surprising at all. A car is a significant investment. Nobody would put down this amount of money without being able to see what they are buying.

If a buyer decides they are interested in buying your vehicle, be prepared to meet up with the buyer in person. Most buyers will want to check the vehicle firsthand so they are satisfied that the vehicle is exactly as you described it in your ad. They will also want to do a test drive before they finalize the deal. As you can see it is easier than ever today to sell a used car by going to a site that has old and new cars for sale online.

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“One-litre car” may help traffic pollution

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Professors at the Energy Science Centre, attached to the Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) in Zurich, have presented their contribution of a car quite similar to Loremo able to travel 100 kilometres (around 62 miles) on a tank with just 1 litre (around 1 quart), equalling to about 235 miles per gallon. They presented their contribution during Swiss Energy Week.

The automobile, which has and will be manufactured by the Swiss company Horlacher, is 75% lighter than an average family car and guzzles a tenth of the fuel thanks to vastly improved aerodynamics.

One drawback to this car is that it has none of the modern safety features found in many cars to-day. But the FIT team is designing technology that lets cars communicate with each other to avoid collisions, using similar computer systems to those in aircraft.

“This car does compromise on style, speed and comfort, but you can’t have a free lunch,” says Lino Guzzella, one of the centre’s members

Business as usual is no longer an option. If we are to survive in the future, we will have to drastically reduce carbon emissions.” Guzzella continued.

There are approximately 800 million cars on this planet and in Switzerland there are 500 cars per 1,000 people, compared with 800 in the United States and less than 50 per 1,000 in India and China.

Swiss drivers also favour more powerful, polluting vehicles than the rest of western Europe. According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, the main lobbying group of the automobile industry in the European Union, the average car in Switzerland has a 2 litre engine compared with 1.6 litres in neighbouring countries.

“The Swiss think they are better at cutting harmful emissions than anyone else, but they are not,” says researcher Peter de Haan van der Weg.

He believes Switzerland should introduce incentives to make people buy cleaner cars. Some countries already have such schemes: the US awards tax breaks worth up to $3,000 and the Netherlands offers €6,000 to green car owners. The Swiss authorities are currently thinking about two similar options presented by the city of Bern and the centre-left Social Democratic Party.

“Individuals are not capable of understanding the big picture because it is difficult for people to look 50 years into the future,” Mr. De Haan van der Weg said.

“Therefore it is necessary to have government regulations to force changes that will benefit the environment.”

Acai Berry For Weight Loss Discover Why Scientist Say This Is The Most Effective Weight Loss Product Yet}

Acai Berry For Weight Loss – Discover Why Scientist Say This Is The Most Effective Weight Loss Product Yet


Daniel Rusu

Just like being a constant rat race, modern day living can be exhausting a take a major toll on our bodies. Most of us are living in the fast lane, working all the time, we barely have time to sit down and eat healthy. We tend to bring home work and continue working at our home and as such we end up depriving ourselves of much needed rest, sleep, and healthy meals. If this is so we then become sick since our bodies do not have time to relax and recharge, and we can grow overweight because we are not eating the right meals. If you can relate to this, then this is the right time for you personally to start using acai products.

Acai Berries are amazing health scientist more and more often. They are proven to support you shed unwanted weight by providing huge levels of antioxidants and nutrients, and by killing your processed foods cravings. These acai products are within the form of supplements, smoothie mixes, and detox products. Acai products can be classified as dietary supplements whether they are in pill or liquid form. Thanks to their numerous health rewards, acai products have continued to experienced popularity. Acai products are recognized to contain high levels of antioxidants much higher than those present in grapes, pomegranates, as well as wine. Antioxidants protect cells in the body from toxins so they are very important. Toxins are present everywhere, and these toxins once ingested can cause cellular damage and that can lead to malignancies. Acai works to rid one’s body of these toxins, thereby aiding you reduce weight and be overall healthier.

Other than antioxidants, acai products are full of essential vitamins and minerals. It’s essential that the body get these vitamins and minerals ?n order that it can function smoothly or else deficiencies and a number of illnesses can occur. Acai products also contain high dietary fiber which is important in digestion and to keep bowel movements regular. In addition, essential fatty acids including omega 3,6 and 9 are also in acai products, these omega acids are essential in keeping a healthy heart. Intake of acai products everyday can certainly do wonders to improve your life. The gains are gradual and eventually you may notice the difference it has made in your life.

As you can see, there are many tremendous benefits of Acai products. They truely are products that can change the life of it’s users. Using acai products will put an extra bounce in your step each and every day.

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Acai Berry For Weight Loss – Discover Why Scientist Say This Is The Most Effective Weight Loss Product Yet


20 injured in Montreal college shooting spree

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

At 12:41 p.m. local time (UTC-5), a man opened fire at Dawson College, in Westmount, Quebec, Canada; the college is located near the heart of downtown Montreal. Police report at least 20 people being injured. The gunman was reportedly killed at the scene by police. Students told reporters that they heard several shots in the building at about 12:45 local time. One student told a local radio station that she saw two people who had been shot, including one who was hit at the neck. The student said a friend told her four people had been shot.

Hundreds of students fled the building, and the area has been cordoned off. Nearby Plaza Alexis Nihon and Westmount Square were evacuated and the Green line of the Montreal Metro was shut down between Lionel-Groulx and Peel. Police officers wearing bullet-proof vests are keeping people away from the college. “They’re telling me, ‘Go the other way, lady, you’re in the line of fire,'” said CBC News reporter Nancy Wood, who reported from the scene.

Local media have reported police hotlines have been established for loved ones to gain more information: +1-(514)-280-2880, +1-(514)-280-2805, and +1-(514)-280-2806. The Montreal General Hospital has also set up a hotline at +1-(514)-843-2839.

Police have reported that the situation has been neutralized as of 20:06, September 13, 2006 (UTC). Police have been told to stand down and are no longer looking for new victims or shooters.

Dawson College is a CEGEP that hosts about 10,000 students.

Basic Factors When Buying Car Or Truck Accessories

Basic Factors When Buying Car or Truck Accessories


Karl Cruz

Regardless if you prefer a truck or a car, there is one thing you should remember, get accessories for your newly purchased vehicle. Aside from adding aesthetic to your vehicle, the truck and car accessories contribute enhancement to the functionality of your vehicle. Since there are many retailers of car or truck accessories, I\’m not surprised that you will get confused to choose one.

There are many vehicle accessories available on the market. Each of them may offer affordable rates. Now, when it comes to buying car or truck accessories from well-known brands, there are important things you should consider first in order for you to make the right purchase and avoid hassles.

There are factors that you should consider, first is the style and the look. If you are a car or truck enthusiast, make your vehicle look the way you want it to. Check out the accessories that can match your style and those that can really emphasize the character of your new ride.

YouTube Preview Image

The functionalities of the truck and car accessories are other things that you must consider. With that, you need to choose accessories which can make your vehicle look great. At the same time, those accessories must add something that can enhance the performance of it or can make it longer lasting.

The price and quality are two important factors that must not be ignored or taken for granted when you are buying accessories for trucks or cars. It is not always advisable to choose the cheapest available because sometimes, the cheaper ones are those that are of less quality. You must also consider that there are times, even the cheapest can give you the best accessories, but you should not go about buying certain accessories for your vehicle without double checking it. The price should come along with good quality if you do not want to waste money purchasing something that easily gets damaged.

Some car owners do not realize that space should also be considered whenever they buy car accessories. They should make sure to choose those accessories that can be accommodated by your vehicle. Once they over accessorize or over decorate their vehicles, it will create a gaudy that can instead make your vehicle cheap looking.

Be careful in choosing the kind of accessories. These add-ons must meet your overall and current needs. Accessories come in a wide selection of designs, shapes, price, functionality and colors. Some brands or manufactures provide warranties. So you better purchase from companies who provide warranties.

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, fender flares, nerf bars, bumpers as well as

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Former Formula 1 designer unveils new electric car

Monday, November 9, 2009

Former Formula One McLaren designer Gordon Murray has unveiled a new all-electric car.

The car model, which is known as the T.27, is due to be developed over the course of the next 16 months with four prototypes. The process that will be used during the course of the manufacturing of the vehicle is called iStream. The technology iStream had been invented by Gordon Murray in 1999 and means that all the parts are designed using a computer.

The project has approximately received £9,000,000 (US$14,919,000) in investment. The electric car is designed for urban purposes, such as in cities or towns. The weight of the vehicle is just 600 kilograms. It has the ability to travel at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour and can go for a maximum of 100 miles between recharges.

The designer thinks that motorists will some day be travelling in vehicles like this. Murray believes that the new car will be ‘the most efficient electric vehicle on earth’.

Thirteen arrested in connection with Baghdad bombings

Monday, December 14, 2009

An Iraqi Interior Ministry official today said that thirteen people are in custody in connection with last Tuesday’s coordinated bombings in Baghdad that killed 127 people and wounded 400.

The announcement of the arrests came as lawmakers again questioned officials about security lapses in the capital, where there have been three massive attacks since the beginning of August. It was also revealed that the US military had warned of an attack on Tuesday, but Iraqi officials say there was not time to act.

On Saturday, Iraq’s Interior Minister Jawad al-Bolani had stated that security forces had prior warning of Tuesday’s bombings. He said bureaucracy and a lack of cooperation between government ministries were to blame for security gaps and the inability to stop the attacks.

Of the arrests, al-Bolani said: “There are thirteen coffins waiting for criminals implicated in Tuesday attacks, and those criminals will be tried and convicted.” The suspects are thought to have ties with al-Qaida.

An al-Qaida-linked group known as the Islamic State of Iraq has claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s bombings and warned of more attacks.

Violence in Iraq has declined in recent months, but militants have continued sporadic attacks. On Sunday, Iraqi police say three car bombings in other parts of the country killed at least three people and wounded more than 30 others.

Officials said one car bomb exploded near Fallujah, killing two people and wounding at least seven. Police say the bomb appeared to target a senior security officer, Colonel Saad al-Shimari, who escaped unharmed. At least one child was among the victims in the attack. Another car bomb blast in Fallujah on Sunday wounded at least five people near the home of an official.

In the northern city of Mosul, a car bomb exploded near a group of Iraqi army recruits, killing one person and wounding 19 others.

The Geopolitical Risks Of $40 Oil}

Submitted by: Vancouver Financial

Oil is fast approaching $40 a barrel, and to most people, this is nothing more than good news at the pump, but most people dont understand the devastating damage to nations and companies when oil is this cheap. $40 oil is not a tax break or a consumer boon, its a geopolitical event.

When the price of the worlds most important commodity becomes unstable and crashes over 50% within 6 months, never assume its a random event. Its not. Were talking about a multi-trillion dollar market which has numerous feeder industries which are also in the trillions of dollars of revenues each year. That means entire nations are supported, strengthened, or brought to their knees, depending on the price of oil. Therefore, crashing oil to $48 a barrel(at the time of writing)is considered a serious attack by certain leaders and nations.

YouTube Preview Image

Not only nations, but internally, industries are buffeted and this causes conflicts even within nations like the US. What occurs is a lack of stability and random events which we can call blowback or revenge. At the highest levels, leaders of nations and companies are not fooled by the silly rhetoric of the evening news telling people what a great thing $48 oil is. These people understand the fallout and enormous financial consequences of wiping out trillions in capital, most of which was used to underpin debt, projects, or a credit rating. Oil isnt just a product, its capital, its equity.

So when a nation or company has 55% of its capital wiped out, they get mad, and they want revenge. Right now, there are nations feeling exactly this way. Some matter, some dont, depending on the power of their military and size of their economy. Everyone knows Russia is a target of the oil price decline, but the damage to many other nations like Venezuela, Holland, U.K. and others cant be ignored.

Right now, these nations and companies are biding their time, eating the losses, and hoping it ends soon, real soon. But when it doesnt end soon, and I can tell you without a doubt that it wont, counter moves will begin to be made. These entities have to protect their livelihoods and they will do whatever they feel is necessary to accomplish that. I would even include war as a real possibility.

Besides these dire risks, long term cheap oil is also destabilizing for economies which produce oil. Production of oil is one of the most capital intensive industries in the world, and therefore is a very strong economic driver, requiring engineers, to construction, trucking, refining, to accountants, lawyers, and financial service companies. Oil is a tremendous wealth creator. Its estimated that $1 of oil revenue drives $5-$8 of economic activity. Very few, if any, industries can make this claim.

If oil doesnt rise to at least $80 within a few months, you can expect to start seeing instability in markets, geopolitics, and economies, first with oil producers, and then around the world. It doesnt matter if you work in oil and gas or not, you will be affected, either sooner or later, to a great degree or a lesser degree.

About the Author: Michael Yates is a financial advisor at Wealth Management Vancouver.


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Recruitment Agencies}

Recruitment Agencies


Shannon Scott

At East Coast We Strive To Be The Leader Amongst Sunshine Coast Recruitment Agencies

At East Coast HR we understand just how important finding the right personnel is to your business. Worker cohesiveness and productivity are integral to the success of any company and we will work extensively with you to find the employees who will best satisfy both of these needs for your business. With more than 21 years of experience, we are adept at identifying the best staffing solutions for almost all major industries.

Why work with recruitment agencies?

Running a business takes an incredible amount of time; time that is best spent on doing what your business was designed for, not hiring personnel. Why not leave recruiting personnel to the experts? Finding employees is a talent that is best left to experts who are trained to identify individual skill sets and personalities, and place them within corresponding inudstries. By employing a recruitment agency you’ll have one less worry and access to skilled professionals who will work with you to find candidates that are best for you.

Working with recruitment job agencies will allow you to:

Receive expert advice

– As experts in our fields; we are able to offer recommendations and suggestions on the best way for you to carry out your search for personnel. We will develop a search campaign that focuses on the needs of your business, that we work together to outline.

Save time and money

– Hiring the wrong employee can cost you time and money. Administrative fees, benefits, and background checks are just a few of the expenses that you can incur while employing a new hire. Allowing an hr recruitment agency to do your hiring for you, will help guarantee that you get the best employment solutions your money can buy.

Access to large candidate pool

– Work recruitment agencies work with thousands of people to help them become matched with the right employer. Working with an agency will give you direct access to candidates that have been screened and tested to determine if they are a good fit for your business. Agencies help you narrow down your search process and focus only on the best candidates available.

Working with a recruitment agency offers a wealth of benefits to any company looking to employ personnel on a temporary or permanent basis. As the Sunshine Coast’s

oldest recruitment agency we would be more than happy to assist you in your search for the right employee.

East coast specialises in distinct sectors of the work force which mean they know quite about about your field, which makes them one of the top

recruitment agencies

on the coast. Let East Coast Human Resource Group help you when it comes to

Sunshine Coast Jobs


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Elton John AIDS Foundation Party to mark the 2007 Academy Awards

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The 15th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) party will mark the Academy Awards 2007 to take place this Sunday, February 25th.

The event will be held at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Sir Elton John and David Furnish will co-host the party. As for this year’s sponsors – Audi, Chopard and VH1 have offered the Elton John Foundation their support. The Grammy nominated rock singer, James Blunt, has been invited to perform at the event.

The annually held gala is found among the major fund-raising events organized by the Foundation. Taking place on the Oscar Night, the party is also aimed to attract international attention towards the fight against AIDS and promote people’s awareness of the terrifying disease. During the period of the last 14 years the event has raised about $ 125 million to support the Foundation in its activities against AIDS, in particular HIV/AIDS prevention and special direct service programs implemented in 55 countries of the world.

The party to be held for the 15th time this year will include a big expanded dinner, live auction and musical performance. Among the guests of the party there will be entertainment community celebrities, Hollywood stars and Oscar winners, as well as the music industry representatives.

Antony Todd, the leading designer of Antony Todd Inc. based in the New York City and involved into special event-designing, has been commissioned to turn Outdoor Plaza of the Pacific Design Center into to a festive arena staged in a designer rectangular tent.