Australian researchers confirm stress makes you sick

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Australian researchers say they have scientifically proven that stress causes sickness. The Garvan Institute in Sydney has discovered that a hormone, known as neuropeptide Y, (NPY) is released into the body during times of stress. Their findings show the hormone can stop the immune system from functioning properly.

Neuropeptide Y is one of those hormones that gets unregulated or released from neurones when stressful situations occur…it’s known for example that it regulates blood pressure and heart rates so your heart rate goes up but it hasn’t been known that it actually can affect immune cells as well,” said Professor Herbert Herzog, one of the researchers.

Herzog feels it is good to finally have proof of something people have suspected for so long.

“Now we have proven without doubt that there is a direct link and that stress can weaken the immune system and that makes you more vulnerable when you for example have a cold or flu and even in the more serious situations such as cancer can be enhanced in these situations,” said Herzog.

The Garvan Institute study centres on two key events that enable the human body to recognise foreign substances and control invaders. When our body encounters a pathogen (bacteria and viruses), the immune cells retain and interrogate suspects. Their activation is made possible by NPY. These cells then return to the lymph nodes, which are found all over the body, with information about the foreign invaders. The lymph nodes are where decisions about defence are made.

“Most of us expect to come down with a cold or other illness when we are under pressure, but until now we have mostly had circumstantial evidence for a link between the brain and the immune system,” said lead Garvan researcher, associate Professor Fabienne Mackay. “During periods of stress, nerves release a lot of NPY and it gets into the bloodstream, where it directly impacts on the cells in the immune system that look out for and destroy pathogens (bacteria and viruses) in the body.”

In the case of bacteria and viruses, TH1 cells are part of the attack team that is sent out on the ‘search and destroy’ mission. But when their job is done they need to be turned ‘off’ and the immune system reset. The same hormone, NPY, that activates the sentry cells now prompts the TH1 cells to slow down and die.

“Under normal conditions, circulating immune cells produce small amounts of NPY, which enables the immune cells on sentry duty and the TH1 immune cells to operate – it’s a yin and yang kind of situation. But too much NPY means that the TH1 attack is prevented despite the foreign invaders being identified – and this is what happens during stress,” added McKay.

The impact of stress on the body has been observed in athletes. Ph. D researcher at the University of Queensland, Luke Spence, together with the Australian Institute of Sport, studied elite and recreational athletes over five months.

They found elite athletes were more susceptible to respiratory diseases under stress.

“A lot of elite athletes put themselves through vast amounts of physical stress in their training, but also their emotional, psychological stress of feeling the pressure of Australia on their shoulders, wanting to compete and wanting to do their best,” said Spence.

It’s not just athletes who are prone to stress. Pressures at work and at home may cause emotional and mental stress that can be equally damaging. Almost a third of all work absenteeism in Australia is due to illness, costing employers over $10 billion a year.

“I think it has a huge impact for the work force and also for employers – if their employees are constantly stressed, constantly under pressure, they are more likely to get sick,” Spence said.

Further research could lead to the development of new drugs which may inhibit the action of the neuropeptide Y hormone.

Herzog warns people to minimise stress before it becomes a problem.

“Relaxation methods like yoga will help you to prevent that but there will still be people out there that are not responding to that and treatment by interfering with the system will be important,” he said. “There’s obviously some time until such a treatment will be available but this is something we will definitely work towards.”

The Garvan research will be published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, Volume 202, No. 11.

Tornado touches down in New York City

Thursday, August 9, 2007

During heavy rainstorms that flooded rail lines and subways, a tornado touched down in New York City, the National Weather Service reports. It sustained winds around 111 mph to 135 mph, causing damage to buildings and vehicles. Starting from the Bay Ridge area, the tornado continued for two miles through Brooklyn. At least one person was killed.

The roof of a Nissan dealership had been ripped off, as was that of a Brooklyn church. At least 16 homes were damaged.

Torrential rain had drenched the region early Wednesday, causing delays at Newark, JFK, and LaGuardia airports. Wind and rain caused major slowdowns in the mass transit lines, virtually halting services. The brunt of the storm struck the city during morning rush hour, a time when hundreds of thousands of vehicles and people are in transit to work. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said that in some flooded subways, police resorted to crowd control tactics to stop rioting.

Trees were torn from the ground and some cars were crushed.

In a damage assessment tour of Brooklyn, Mayor Michael Bloomberg remarked, “I don’t know that God had rush hour in mind when the storms hit.”

The Metropolitan Transit Authority expects service to return to normal by Thursday. At a press conference MTA chairman Elliot “Lee” Sander said the pumps located citywide in the rail and subway lines are adequate to handle 1.5 inches of rain per hour. He said the rain, however, came “too fast and with little warning.”

“The storm took us by surprise because it was not predicted by the National Weather Service.”

Creating The Most Successful Newsletter Ever!}

Submitted by: Alex Clough

I just sent my best ever mail shot. It had the highest read and click rates of any mailing Ive ever sent and drove nearly seven hundred unique visitors to our site in just a couple of hours.

Ive actually ruined our GA chart, as now it just has this massive spike on the day I sent it!

So how did I do it?

Well first of all, the design was done by a proper graphic artist Im sure they must have been as the email /e-card template I used was made with some real skill in making things look interesting. Secondly, rather than the normal newsletter, I sent a Christmas card, and then just added a graphic of a Christmas present, offering a free gift to all our subscribers.

The design its self was actually a big header image that just said Merry Crimbo, with fifteen Brussel sprouts laid out in a grid on a white background. The left and right margins were colour-matched to the colour of the sprouts, as was some of the text.

The actual text simply said:

A Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to You…

from everyone at:


We got you a Christmas present!

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Then we listed our address, email address, phone number and website.

And boy did it work. Okay, so people only clicked it because we offered them something, but that right there is the key. Why else would such a massive percentage of the recipients who received the email click on it?

Rule # 1 Give something away.

Then, what did people do when they arrived on the site, well about 5% of them actually clicked through to the end goal of signing up for their free gift.

Rule #2 Create an effective landing page.

The landing pages needs to make people click through to the offer, event, news item etc that you are preventing.

Rule #3 Provide Reassurance.

If people are confronted by the inevitable give us your details (again) page, you need to create some reassurances that a) their email address isnt going to be sold to a data farm, b) you have a privacy policy and stick to it, c) they arent entering into any form of legal contract, d) you arent going to send them promotional emails every five minutes.

If you stick to the above, then you should too be able to capitalise on the season, what is in the news, or something thats relevant to your readers, and make your email campaigns even more successful.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on the case, and start sending some e-cards!

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Wikinews interviews Goronwy Price about the upcoming by-election in the Bradfield electorate of the Australian parliament

Thursday, December 3, 2009

With two federal by-elections coming up in Australia, many minor parties and independents will be looking to gain a seat in the House of Representatives. Goronwy Price is a candidate representing the Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy party.

Mr Price is an environmentalist, adventurer and businessman from the Sydney suburb of Cremorne.

“In 1975 I founded the adventure travel company World Expeditions and built it to be the world’s largest adventure organisation. I am currently Managing Director of a successful software company I founded in 1997. We export software around the world.,” Mr Price said.

Wikinews reporter Patrick Gillett held an exclusive email interview with Mr Price, candidate for the Division of Bradfield.

Norway purchases Canadian oil sands company

Monday, April 30, 2007

Statoil ASA (Statoil), a Norwegian state-owned oil company, entered into an agreement Friday to purchase all outstanding common shares of the privately held Canadian firm, North American Oil Sands Corporation (NAOSC). The deal is reported to be worth CAD2.2 billion in an all-cash transaction.

NAOSC is an Alberta-based oil company founded in 2001. It manages 1,110 square kilometres of oil sands leases located in northern Alberta. It is estimated that the NOASC oil sands hold approximately 2.2 billion barrels of oil reserves. The company is planning to develop an extraction project and an upgrading facility. When the project is completed, NAOSC expects it to produce over 200,000 barrels of bitumen per day. The upgrading facility would then process the bitumen into synthetic crude oil.

The NAOSC board of directors has approved the bid from Statoil unanimously, and has recommended that its shareholders accept the offer. One of the largest shareholders of NAOSC currently is Paramount Resources Ltd. (TSX:POU). Paramount announced Friday that it had entered into a lock-up agreement with Statoil, which calls for Paramount to sell its 30.9% interest in NAOSC to Statoil ASA for a cash deal worth approximately $682 million.

“We are impressed by the performance and competence held by the employees in NAOSC,” said Helge Lund, chief executive of Statoil. “Combined with Statoil’s experience and commitment to prudent operations, we are well-positioned to develop the resources in a sustainable manner, creating value for Statoil and its shareholders.”

Statoil suggests that the development plans for the NAOSC oil sands includes an application of Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) technology, which, according to the company, leaves a smaller environmental footprint than strip mining. Statoil admits, however, that heavy oil production, such as is required in the oil sands, is “energy intensive and challenging in an environmental perspective.” The company said it intends to capture the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from its oil sands production and store it underground.

Under new environmental regulations announced Thursday by Canadian Environment Minister John Baird, companies that can’t meet new intensity targets for CO2 emission reductions will be able to purchase offset credits or contribute to a technology fund, at an initial cost of $15 per tonne of emissions. New plants would have three years before they were obligated to begin reducing their emissions.

However, Julia Langer, director of the World Wildlife Fund’s global threats program, told the Globe and Mail that the initial exemptions for new plants and the technology fund contributions would undermine the government’s new environmental plan. “This is a regulatory plan that is geared to business as usual for the tar sands sector,” said Langer.

The Statoil-NAOSC transaction is expected to close by the end of the second quarter of 2007.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, releases study of local emissions

Saturday, April 16, 2005

According to the Cambridge Chronicle, a report issued by the city of Cambridge on the topic of greenhouse gas emissions claimed that despite a two-year old pledge to reduce harmful emissions, the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere in the city has increased. Since 1990, carbon dioxide emissions have increased by 27% in the city, mostly due to industrial processes, says the paper.

In 1999, the city joined Cities for Climate Protection, a coalition of towns in Massachusetts interested in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. In 2002, the city released a study, the Cambridge Climate Protection Plan, which set emission reduction goals for the city. The plan proposed that “we reduce GHG emissions by 20 percent below 1990 levels. This means the community needs to reduce and prevent annual GHG emissions of 494,400 tons of carbon dioxide.”

While the city has failed thus far to reduce its emissions, it has been experimenting with alternative transportation technology in its vehicles. According to the city’s website, Cambridge currently owns and operates 20 electric vehicles and 1 compressed natural gas truck. Additionally, most of Cambridge’s fleet of diesel vehicles are currently running on 20% biodiesel, which is “derived from domestically produced vegetable oil,” according to the Cambridge Department of Public Works website.

Day Trips Near Washington, Dc As Bachelorette Party Ideas}

Submitted by: Saied Luliah

While many brides enjoy a bachelorette party thats somewhat raucous and perhaps even vulgar, others dont. If youre planning an event for a bride that prefers a more refined type of event, youll need fitting options for Washington, DC Bachelorette Party Ideas. With the help of high end transportation, you can host a wine tour, spa day, or tea party luncheon with the bridal party in celebration of the upcoming nuptials.

Wine Tou

Bachelorette Ideas in DC that have a touch of class can more closely match the preferences of many brides. A wine tour provides the opportunity to enjoy the comradery of the bridal party without the stress caused by other trendy bachelorette ideas that focus on vulgarity. Our high end fleet of vehicles will perfectly meet the needs of the day with luxury and size to match any type of event, and each newer model vehicle making up our fleet is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We provide reliable, timely transportation that matches the tone of your desired event.

Spa Day

As you consider potential Bachelorette Party Ideas in Washington, DC, a spa day should be at the top of your list. Rest assured that the bride could use some stress-relief, and youll all benefit from some beautifying procedures prior to the big day. Between the spa pampering and the car service that we provide, youll all feel like princesses by the end of the day. Our professional chauffeurs, who are drug tested and background verified, provide timely, rider-focused service from beginning to end.

Tea Party Luncheon

An old idea made new, a tea party luncheon can give the entire bridal party an opportunity to enjoy one anothers company, reliving memories and anticipating the promises of the future. While its a great bonding experience, some guests might find it dull, so spice it up with professional transportation to the nicest restaurant in town. Theyll quickly be impressed. Our customer service reps can also help with quick responses to special requests because theyre available all of the time, even weekends and nights. You wont be going it alone as you plan your event.

Throwing a bachelorette party for a bride with mature, refined tastes can be difficult. We provide quality transport to any of your wedding related functions, and you can easily arrange for Wedding Transportation DC with an online booking following a perusal of your fleet.

While many brides enjoy a bachelorette party thats somewhat raucous and perhaps even vulgar, others dont. If youre planning an event for a bride that prefers a more refined type of event, youll need fitting options for Washington, DC Bachelorette Party Ideas. With the help of high end transportation, you can host a wine tour, spa day, or tea party luncheon with the bridal party in celebration of the upcoming nuptials.

Wine Tou

Bachelorette Ideas in DC that have a touch of class can more closely match the preferences of many brides. A wine tour provides the opportunity to enjoy the comradery of the bridal party without the stress caused by other trendy bachelorette ideas that focus on vulgarity. Our high end fleet of vehicles will perfectly meet the needs of the day with luxury and size to match any type of event, and each newer model vehicle making up our fleet is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We provide reliable, timely transportation that matches the tone of your desired event.

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Tea Party-endorsed Christine O’Donnell wins Delaware Senate primary election

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Christine O’Donnell has defeated Mike Castle in a Republican primary election for U.S. Senator from Delaware, CNN and the Associated Press have announced. With 325 of 325 precincts counted, O’Donnell, who has received the endorsement of the Tea Party movement, led Representative Castle by 30561 votes to 27021, 53.1% to 46.9%.

The Republican O’Donnell will likely face Democrat Christopher A. Coons in a special election on November 2. The Senate seat from Delaware was vacated when Joe Biden became Vice-President of the United States in January 2009, and interim appointee Ted Kaufman declined to run for the seat. Analysts such as Taegan Goddard and Bill Kristol question whether O’Donnell can defeat Coons in November. Before the nominations for the race opened, Mike Castle had been favored to win the seat, which would be a Republican gain in the now Democratic-controlled Senate.

Former Alaska governor and Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin endorsed O’Donnell late in the race. The Tea Party movement presents itself as a constructionist conservative movement seeking to reclaim the Republican Party from established politicians.

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On the campaign trail in the USA, July 2016

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The following is the third edition of a monthly series chronicling the U.S. 2016 presidential election. It features original material compiled throughout the previous month after an overview of the month’s biggest stories.

In this month’s edition on the campaign trail: two individuals previously interviewed by Wikinews announce their candidacies for the Reform Party presidential nomination; a former Republican Congressman comments on the Republican National Convention; and Wikinews interviews an historic Democratic National Convention speaker.


  • 1 Summary
    • 1.1 RNC
    • 1.2 DNC
  • 2 Reform Party race features two Wikinews interviewees
  • 3 Former Congressman responds to Cruz RNC speech
  • 4 Wikinews interviews history-making DNC speaker
  • 5 Related articles
  • 6 Sources