The Best Wholesale Purses For You

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If you want to look good when going out with your friends to any party or event, then the only thing you have to do is carry a stylish purse with it. There are a number of different designs and styles of purses that are available and can be found to suit a number of different occasions and events. When it comes to purses, a woman cannot have just one purse. This is something that is just not possible as they need to have different purses for different occasions so that you can pair your outfit with a different purse every other day. It is important that you have different colors, styles and designs of purses in your wardrobe so that depending on the occasion that you are going to, you can pair up the outfit that you are wearing with the purse that best goes with it. However, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that purses never come cheap and if you want to buy a designer purse, you should be ready and willing to spend lot money for it. Wholesale purses are the best way to go about if you are not willing to spend a lot of money.

When buying wholesale purses, it is important that you are always looking for promotional sales and discounts on wholesale purses. This is important as then you can purchase wholesale purses at a cheaper price. Different manufacturers and brands have different deals and promotion so it is always better to find a good deal on wholesale purses before you go and buy one. Many people who buy wholesale purses buy it with the intention that they will sell it because what is one person going to do with so many purses. If you do not sell them then you can enjoy the discounts that you availed on wholesale purses. There are many people out there who have no idea about wholesale purses but when you tell them, they also will love to buy wholesale purses.

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Finding wholesale purses that are designer made is never easy but it is one thing that women will love to purchase as women love to carry bags and purses that are designer made and branded. Finding wholesale purses of these brands is amazing as you can find them at cheaper prices compared to prices that are there in the stores. Designer brands make wholesale purses and the level of quality that these purses have is amazing and it is important that they maintain a high level of quality.

Finding dealers that deal in wholesale purses is not very difficult. There are many designers that have their own suppliers and distributors who deal in wholesale prices. The first thing you should do is list the brands that make wholesale purses and those that you want. Then you can contact companies to get information on whether you can buy these wholesale purses or not. These companies tend to have their own websites and you can easily contact them and ask them any query or question you may have. Once you have all the information you need, you can contact distributors and purchase wholesale purses from whomsoever you want.

There are many suppliers and distributors of wholesale purses. It is always better to compare the deals that each supplier has to offer before finalizing your purchase. This way you can easily avail the best deal and based on that purchase as many wholesale purses as you want. The more discounts you can get the better it is as then at the end of the day you will not pay a lot of money and still have the best wholesale purses with you.

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Wholesale purses

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Vivien Goldman: An interview with the Punk Professor

Wednesday, October 3, 2007 

Vivien Goldman recalls with a laugh the day in 1984 when she saw her death, but the laugh fades as she becomes lost in the memory. She was in Nigeria staying in Fela Kuti’s home; she had just arrived hours before and found people sleeping everywhere like house cats when Muhammadu Buhari’s army showed up to haul everyone to jail. Kuti was an opponent of the government who was in jail, and they came to arrest his coterie of supporters. They grabbed Goldman and were about to throw her in a truck until Pascal Imbert, Kuti’s manager, yelled out, “Leave her alone. She just arrived from Paris! She’s my wife! She knows nothing!

Goldman stops for a moment and then smiles plainly. “They thought I was just some stupid woman…. That time sexism worked in my favor.”

Vivien Goldman has become a living, teaching testimony of the golden era of punk and reggae. She is an adjunct professor at New York University who has taught courses on the music scene she was thrust in the middle of as a young public relations representative for Island Records. She writes a column for the BBC called “Ask the Punk Professor” where she extols the wisdom she gained as a confidant of Bob Marley; as the person who first put Flava Flav in video; as Chrissie Hynde’s former roommate; as the woman who worked with the The Clash, Sex Pistols, The Slits and The Raincoats.

As Wikinews reporter David Shankbone found out, Goldman is one of those individuals that when you sit in her presence you realize she simply can not tell you everything she knows or has seen, either to protect the living or to respect the dead.

DS: The first biography of Bob Marley, Soul Rebel, Natural Mystic, was written by you based upon your personal experiences with him, and you have recently written a book about Marley called The Book of Exodus. How difficult is it to continue to mine his life? Is it difficult to come up with new angles?

DS: You were there with Marley through that time when he really caught on; was it obvious to you then that there was something amazing and unique happening?

DS: Warhol’s Factory photographer, Billy Name, once told me he knew that what was going on was amazing, but he never thought Warhol would become the entire fabric of the art world as he is now.

DS: But Marley has become a fabric of sorts…

DS: How do you define punk?

DS: What is the commodified version of punk selling?

DS: That aesthetic is everywhere, as though if one spikes his hair he is punk.

DS: Your philosophy is that punk is not just musical, but also an aesthetic. That it can imbibe anything; that it stands for change and for changing a system. Let me give you a few names, and you to tell me how you think they are or are not punk. Britney Spears.

DS: Dick Cheney.

DS: Kanye West.

DS: Osama bin Laden.

DS: Is the definition of punk relative, then? He’s a Madrasah punk but not a Manhattan punk?

DS: Pete Doherty.

DS: If punk is about change, then why the maudlin sentimentality over the closing of CBGB’s, which at times turned into demonizing a homeless shelter?

DS: I felt it was what it was at a certain moment, but it wasn’t that anymore. They were charging eight dollars for a beer. That’s not very punk, and that wasn’t attracting the punk crowds. It was like people who move to the Bowery because they think it’s so edgy but it’s really a boulevard of glittering condos.

DS: Where do you think New York’s culture is going? There are so few places on Earth with such a large concentration of creatives who meet and influence each other, but the city is becoming less affordable and cleansed of any grit. Is there a place for punk in the Manhattan of the future?

DS: You’re friends with Flava Flav, right?

DS: At the time he wasn’t known?

DS: Do you think apathy is a problem today?

DS: What about G. G. Allin? He used to defecate on the stage to make a point.

DS: Well, he’s dead. Do you think people are afraid to speak out today?

DS: Is violence for the cause of social change punk?

DS: Sandra Bernhard once did an homage to what she called the Big-Tittied Bitches of Rock n’ Roll: Heart, Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks. She mourned that there were no big-tittied bitches left. Who are the big-tittied bitches of Rock n’ Roll today?

DS: Do you have moments of extreme self-doubt where you wonder if anything you do matters to anyone?

DS: You have worked for two corporations that are seen by many as the least punk in their respective communities, the BBC and NYU. How does one remain punk in such environments?

DS: Have you ever been in a situation where you feared for your life, where you thought, this may be the way I go?

DS: What happened to him in the secret jail?

DS: In Jamaica there was so much violence during the civil war.

How To Scatter Cremated Remains (Ashes)

How to Scatter Cremated Remains (Ashes)


Mary Hickey

You may envision going out to a beautiful spot and scattering your loved ones remains. While this can be a beautiful, ceremonial and a very healing way of returning a loved one to nature, it can also be a disaster. The following guidelines, will make the experience a positive one and make the final wish of your loved one, ‘I just want my ashes to be scattered’ to come true.

To begin, often the word ‘ashes’ is used to describe cremated remains. The media portrays it as light ash. The reality is the remains are bone fragments that have been mechanically reduced. They normally don’t gently flow into the air. It is more like heavy sand That being said there is some dust or ash that can blow in the wind, so when scattering cremated remains make sure to check the wind so they don’t blow back in people’s faces or onto a boat.

You will also want to consider the legal requirements to scatter remains. In no state is it legal to scatter remains on private property without permission from the property owner. Many parks also have rules and permit requirements so you will want to check into the requirements.

If you do plan on scattering the remains, many people are choosing to keep some of the remains in a keepsake container or mini urn. Some people feel they still want a part of the person and sharing the cremated remains is a way to still have a part of the person with you. Keep in mind, you will want to make sure the partial remains are in a sealed plastic bag inside the keepsake or mini urn. A funeral director can handle this for you. Many products are also available such as diamonds that are made out of the remains, jewelry that is designed to hold the remains or hand blown glass paper weights.

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Techniques for Scattering


Casting is a way of scattering where the remains are tossed into the wind. As I mentioned previously, you will want to check the direction of the wind and cast the remains downwind. Most of the remains will fall to the ground and some of the lighter particles will blow in the wind forming a whitish-grey cloud.

One person in the group may cast the remains or scatter some and hand the container to the next person so everyone has a chance to ceremonially cast the remains. Another option is people are given paper cups or casting cups and they cast simultaneously in a sort of toasting gesture.


Trenching is digging a hole or trench in the ground or sand and the remains are placed into the trench. The remains can be placed directly into the trench or placed in a biodegradable bag or urn. At the end of the ceremony survivors often rake over the trench. A deceased name can be drawn in the dirt or sand- perhaps inside of a heart. The remains could also be placed inside this name and heart. You may consider taking a photo of this for a memory book. If done at the beach, it can be timed that the tide comes in and ceremoniously washes it out to sea. Family and friends may want to join hands and form a circle. If not too windy, candles may also form a circle around the site. The candles are then given to each person as a keepsake.


Raking involves pouring the cremated remains from an urn evenly on loose soil and then raking them into the ground at the conclusion of the ceremony. It is important to keep the urn close to the ground when pouring out the remains due to wind. Survivors may wish to take turns raking the remains back into the earth. If you choose to do this at a scattering garden at a cemetery this is how they will perform the scattering.

Green Burial

This is done either at a ‘Green Cemetery’ or at a traditional cemetery. Often cemeteries will allow you to place a biodegradable bag or biodegradable urn on top of a gravesite or a family member as long as it is buried. Obviously, you will want to check with the cemetery and see what their requirements are.

Water Scattering

Water scattering involves placing the remains into a body of water. A biodegradable bag or urn is recommended. This is most often when cremated remains can blow back into a person’s face or get washed up onto the side of the boat. Both experiences can be traumatic and not the everlasting peaceful memory you envisioned. If you search on the internet or in the phone book you can find people that have boats and are experienced. There are urns on the market designed to gently float away and then quickly biodegrade into the water. Many people throw rose petals or flowers into the water after the urn. If the remains are in a biodegradable bag they may sink so you also may wish to throw a wreath of flowers into the water and watch the wreath drift away.

Air Scattering

Air scattering is best performed by professional pilots and air services. The airplanes are specially designed to handle the cremated remains. Some professionals will arrange for family and friends to be on the ground watching as the plane flies over and a plume of remains can be seen from the ground. If survivors are not present, the service will provide the specific time and date of the aerial scattering. Often it can be arranged that close family and friends fly along.

While scattering cremated remains can be emotionally very difficult, hopefully by knowing your options and being informed it will make a difficult time a little easier.

Mary Hickey is an urn designer and thought leader in the funeral industry. She is co-founder of Renaissance Urn Company, based in San Francisco. For some drastically needed new life celebration ideas, contemporary memorial poems and verses visit her site Hickey can be reached at

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How to Scatter Cremated Remains (Ashes)

All branches of UK photography retailer Jessops close today

Friday, January 11, 2013 

All 187 store locations of Jessops camera retailer are closing in the United Kingdom today. The business, which went into administration earlier this week, is to leave its workforce of approximately 1370 jobless. While staff at the business’ top office in Leicester, in central England, are not being made redundant with immediate effect, they are in the next few weeks to lose their positions.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the firm declared administrator of Jessops two days ago, has said an examination of the company indicated it was no longer capable of operating successfully. “It is apparent that we cannot continue to trade”, said joint administrator Rob Hunt of PwC, “and as a result we have had to make the difficult decision”.

PwC say no Jessops branches will open tomorrow and people who have bought items from their businesses will not be able to return them. However, stock “will be returned to suppliers if they are entitled to it”, according to Hunt.

Hunt said PwC “will continue to ensure that employees are paid as they assist us during the closure” at Jessops. In a comment to the BBC, Hunt described the situation at Jessops as “a horrible end to a very intensive couple of days”.

Church of Sweden open to homosexual weddings

Wednesday, March 21, 2007 

The Lutheran Church of Sweden will perform gay wedding ceremonies if the government legalizes same-sex marriage, according to Claes-Bertil Ytterberg, Bishop for the Swedish Church Assembly that is the decision-making body for the Church of Sweden.

Sweden recognized same-sex civil unions in 1995, but full marriage between persons of the same sex has remained illegal. Recently government-appointed committee has concluded civil-unions law outdated and recommended that the parliament would allow legal same-sex marriages.

The church is going to support legalizing for same sex marriage and open its doors for gay and lesbian ceremonies. The church leaves it up to the individual priest whether to perform such a ceremony or not, according to the bishop.

Even though homosexual couples would be wed in the same way as straight couples, the church would like the ceremony to be called something else because “the word wedding is so traditional and is reserved for men and women.”

The Church of Sweden already performs blessings for same-sex couples, as in 2005 when special church ceremonies to mark homosexual civil unions were allowed. There are still some rifts on the issue within the Church of Sweden, however they have become less visible, the bishop says.

According to the statistics 7 million of Sweden’s citizens belong to the Lutheran Church of Sweden, however fewer than 4% are reported to attend Sunday services.

Talk:King of Swaziland seeks thirteenth bride, continues to cause ire

Nice level of detail, but needed quite a few wording fixes. StuRat 21:00, 2 September 2005 (UTC)

With thirteen wives, who wouldn’t be stressed?

How do we reconcile taking the AIDS epidemic to heart on the one hand, and abolishing one of the few measures in place to combat it, on the other? — Crockett 02:18, 3 September 2005 (UTC)

The Important Role Of A Personal Injury Lawyer

By Adrianna Noton

A personal injury lawyer deals with cases concerning injuries caused by negligence. There are cases when a person is actually harmed because of someone’s carelessness. These kind of mishaps can occur within a variety of situations. No matter the reason, these legal professionals are aware of the required legal actions to take against the party that’s accountable for the accident. Generally, the hurt party will get financial payment with regards to injuries, if their case is proven.

This form of law is extremely specialized. Law suits can include physical, psychological or financial damages. Individuals who have suffered long-term disability because of someone’s negligence, can look for legal assistance and representation from knowledgeable attorneys. Under the law, people can obtain compensation for the suffering and pain brought on by any sort of accident.

There are several ways accidents can happen. Some common cases include injuries on the job, doctor’s negligence, in addition to product liability cases. With the aid of a skilled attorney, individuals may also acquire compensation regarding future financial needs. Long-term disability may cause the to loss of income due to the inability to perform a job. Compensation awarded after winning the case is often used to replace lost income and to pay for medical bills.

YouTube Preview Image

Medical malpractice lawsuits occur when a patient believes that have been injured as the result of the physician’s negligence. Injuries received can result in lifelong health issues. Depending on the case and the expertise of the attorney, the injured party can receive a lot of money in damages.

Individuals injured in automobile accidents often turn to attorneys that specialize in these cases. The attorney will represent their client’s case in court. They will also make sure that their client receive fair compensation from the insurance provider. It is important to have a skilled attorney as it relates to these kinds of cases.

There are numerous advantages to hiring a good attorney. A good way to obtain a qualified attorney is by asking for recommendations. When looking for the best attorney, you should hire someone who has a solid winning record. In the course of the consultation meeting, you will need to completely evaluate their credentials to ensure they have what it takes to effectively represent your case.

Generally, most of these lawyers do not get compensated unless they win your case. Attorneys that work on contingency will only do so if they believe they can win. There are also several attorneys that will charge fees in advance. This may either be a predetermined fee or hourly rates.

A personal injury attorney should be carefully selected by the person in need of representation. It is important to contact an attorney soon after the accident has occurred. Gathering evidence for the case is easier to do as soon as the event takes place. Finding a good attorney will take some research but the time spent will be worth it in the long run. These can be very complex cases, and you want to make sure you have someone fighting for your legal rights that can win your case.

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Lawyers Ottawa

are specialists in car accident lawyers, personal

Ottawa Injury Lawyer

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Zimbabwean footballer Adam Ndlovu dies in car accident aged 42

Sunday, December 16, 2012 

Former Zimbabwean professional footballer Adam Ndlovu has died in a car accident that also left his brother critically injured. Adam and his brother Peter, also a former professional footballer, were in the accident after failure of a tire on the BMW X5 Adam was reportedly driving. Reports also suggest an unidentified female passenger may have died in the accident.

George Bhebhe, a friend of Adam, spoke to The Zimbabwean about the circumstances of the accident. He said “Adam died early this morning when their vehicle veered off the road after a tyre burst and hit a tree 20 km from Victoria Falls. He died on arrival at hospital. Peter is in critical condition and he is at Victoria Falls hospital in Intensive Care Unit. But arrangements still being made to transfer from there to a hospital in Bulawayo or Harare”.

Both Adam and Peter played for the Zimbabwe national football team and Peter is their all time top goalscorer. During his career Peter played in the English Premier League and played for Coventry, Sheffield United, Birmingham, and Huddersfield. Sheffield United tweeted “Our thoughts are with former player Peter Ndlovu, who has been critically injured in a car accident in his native Zimbabwe. #sufc”

Adam formerly played for the Zimbabwean team Highlanders and at the time of his death coached Zimbabwe Premier League team Chicken Inn, based in Bulawayo.

Italy will give Libya US$5 billion as compensation for occupation

Sunday, August 31, 2008 

The government of Italy has agreed to pay Libya US$5 billion as compensation for its occupation of the country from 1911 to 1943. The agreement was reached between the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, and Baghdadi Mahmudi, Berlusconi’s Libyan counterpart.

“It is a material and emotional recognition of the mistakes that our country has done to yours during the colonial era,” said Berlusconi after arriving in Libya. “This agreement opens the path to further cooperation.”

“The accord will provide for $200 million a year over the next 25 years through investments in infrastructure projects in Libya,” Berlusconi continued. “It is my duty, as a head of government, to express to you in the name of the Italian people our regret and apologies for the deep wounds that we have caused you.”

In return for providing compensation, Italy has asked that Libya attempts to reduce the number of immigrants illegally moving from Libya to Italy.

As a result of the deal, the Libyan government has named August 30 “Libyan-Italian Friendship Day”.

The deal has also made some people ask if the United Kingdom should provide compensation to Nigeria for it’s colonisation of the country.

Dr. Eyimofe Atake from the Senior Advocate of Nigeria commented on this issue: “To be able to answer that question, one needs to know exactly why compensation was paid and the circumstances in which compensation was paid. One needs to know the fact of the case between the Italians and the Libyans and how the issue for the payment of compensation arose. No two cases are necessarily similar, so in the absence of the facts and circumstances that led to the payment of compensation, it will be totally speculative to say if Nigeria could ask for compensation or be paid compensation by Britain.”

“In any event, under international law, Britain and Italy are separate and distinct states. They are sovereign states. Consequently, the British government is not bound by the acts of the Italian government. The decision of the Italian government is personal to them based on their peculiar circumstance and facts, which have nothing to do with the British government and the Nigerian government,” Atake continued.

Different Types Of Wedding Rings For Women

By Catherine Cornel

Wedding rings are of great importance to the bride. Its priority is not just because it is a symbol of love and affection given to her by her husband, or because it is a symbol of her marital bond, but simply because it is something that she has to wear for the rest of her life. Since she has to wear it forever, it has to be the kind she wants i.e., according to her taste and style. Shopping for wedding rings for women is no easy task. It gets even worse when you have no idea about what kind of wedding rings are being sold and what your bride would like to have for her big day. If you are one among those, who don’t have any idea about rings for women, then go through this article to know about the latest wedding rings for women.

The first thing you need to decide is the metal in which you want to buy a ring. The wedding rings for women are available in silver, gold and platinum. Once you’ve decided the metal, you have to decide if you want to buy rings with or without stones. If you want to have precious stones fitted into it, then which stones you want to make use of. This can be a difficult choice, but they are the determining factors on which you will continue your search for wedding rings.

The classic band is a kind of wedding ring for women that have been popular for many years. It is a simple band and is perfect for all those brides who love simplicity. You can make it more special by customizing the ring. For example, you can engrave your names or your wedding date on it. You could customize the classic band and have a small diamond fitted into the rings.

YouTube Preview Image

Another style of wedding rings for women is called the three stone rings. As the name suggests, it has three stones fitted in a line on the band. Once again, you will need to decide the metal and the kind of stones you want to use of. The size of the stones is another important factor to be taken into consideration. The eternity ring is another famous wedding ring for women. It has stones attached all around the band. The eternity ring looks very glamorous and precious, especially if it is made out of platinum with diamonds on the 360 degrees of the band. People usually go for the 25 to 50 carats for the eternity rings, because these look extremely beautiful.

Also, when you are choosing wedding rings for women, you need to make sure that you have the correct size of the ring. You don’t want to have a ring that is too small for your bride on the big day. Get her finger measured just to be on the safe side and avoid any last-minute rush or embarrassment. Make sure you take your time in deciding what kind of ring you want to buy for your bride. Before buying, speak to her and get an idea of what she likes so that she’s swept off her feet when you present the ring of her dreams to her on your big day!

About the Author: Give careful consideration while selecting

Wedding rings for women

because they are precious, symbol of your love and affection towards your special someone in your life. Nowadays there is a growing demand of

Gold rings for women



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