Basic Factors When Buying Car Or Truck Accessories

Basic Factors When Buying Car or Truck Accessories


Karl Cruz

Regardless if you prefer a truck or a car, there is one thing you should remember, get accessories for your newly purchased vehicle. Aside from adding aesthetic to your vehicle, the truck and car accessories contribute enhancement to the functionality of your vehicle. Since there are many retailers of car or truck accessories, I\’m not surprised that you will get confused to choose one.

There are many vehicle accessories available on the market. Each of them may offer affordable rates. Now, when it comes to buying car or truck accessories from well-known brands, there are important things you should consider first in order for you to make the right purchase and avoid hassles.

There are factors that you should consider, first is the style and the look. If you are a car or truck enthusiast, make your vehicle look the way you want it to. Check out the accessories that can match your style and those that can really emphasize the character of your new ride.

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The functionalities of the truck and car accessories are other things that you must consider. With that, you need to choose accessories which can make your vehicle look great. At the same time, those accessories must add something that can enhance the performance of it or can make it longer lasting.

The price and quality are two important factors that must not be ignored or taken for granted when you are buying accessories for trucks or cars. It is not always advisable to choose the cheapest available because sometimes, the cheaper ones are those that are of less quality. You must also consider that there are times, even the cheapest can give you the best accessories, but you should not go about buying certain accessories for your vehicle without double checking it. The price should come along with good quality if you do not want to waste money purchasing something that easily gets damaged.

Some car owners do not realize that space should also be considered whenever they buy car accessories. They should make sure to choose those accessories that can be accommodated by your vehicle. Once they over accessorize or over decorate their vehicles, it will create a gaudy that can instead make your vehicle cheap looking.

Be careful in choosing the kind of accessories. These add-ons must meet your overall and current needs. Accessories come in a wide selection of designs, shapes, price, functionality and colors. Some brands or manufactures provide warranties. So you better purchase from companies who provide warranties.

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Former Formula 1 designer unveils new electric car

Monday, November 9, 2009

Former Formula One McLaren designer Gordon Murray has unveiled a new all-electric car.

The car model, which is known as the T.27, is due to be developed over the course of the next 16 months with four prototypes. The process that will be used during the course of the manufacturing of the vehicle is called iStream. The technology iStream had been invented by Gordon Murray in 1999 and means that all the parts are designed using a computer.

The project has approximately received £9,000,000 (US$14,919,000) in investment. The electric car is designed for urban purposes, such as in cities or towns. The weight of the vehicle is just 600 kilograms. It has the ability to travel at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour and can go for a maximum of 100 miles between recharges.

The designer thinks that motorists will some day be travelling in vehicles like this. Murray believes that the new car will be ‘the most efficient electric vehicle on earth’.

Thirteen arrested in connection with Baghdad bombings

Monday, December 14, 2009

An Iraqi Interior Ministry official today said that thirteen people are in custody in connection with last Tuesday’s coordinated bombings in Baghdad that killed 127 people and wounded 400.

The announcement of the arrests came as lawmakers again questioned officials about security lapses in the capital, where there have been three massive attacks since the beginning of August. It was also revealed that the US military had warned of an attack on Tuesday, but Iraqi officials say there was not time to act.

On Saturday, Iraq’s Interior Minister Jawad al-Bolani had stated that security forces had prior warning of Tuesday’s bombings. He said bureaucracy and a lack of cooperation between government ministries were to blame for security gaps and the inability to stop the attacks.

Of the arrests, al-Bolani said: “There are thirteen coffins waiting for criminals implicated in Tuesday attacks, and those criminals will be tried and convicted.” The suspects are thought to have ties with al-Qaida.

An al-Qaida-linked group known as the Islamic State of Iraq has claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s bombings and warned of more attacks.

Violence in Iraq has declined in recent months, but militants have continued sporadic attacks. On Sunday, Iraqi police say three car bombings in other parts of the country killed at least three people and wounded more than 30 others.

Officials said one car bomb exploded near Fallujah, killing two people and wounding at least seven. Police say the bomb appeared to target a senior security officer, Colonel Saad al-Shimari, who escaped unharmed. At least one child was among the victims in the attack. Another car bomb blast in Fallujah on Sunday wounded at least five people near the home of an official.

In the northern city of Mosul, a car bomb exploded near a group of Iraqi army recruits, killing one person and wounding 19 others.

The Geopolitical Risks Of $40 Oil}

Submitted by: Vancouver Financial

Oil is fast approaching $40 a barrel, and to most people, this is nothing more than good news at the pump, but most people dont understand the devastating damage to nations and companies when oil is this cheap. $40 oil is not a tax break or a consumer boon, its a geopolitical event.

When the price of the worlds most important commodity becomes unstable and crashes over 50% within 6 months, never assume its a random event. Its not. Were talking about a multi-trillion dollar market which has numerous feeder industries which are also in the trillions of dollars of revenues each year. That means entire nations are supported, strengthened, or brought to their knees, depending on the price of oil. Therefore, crashing oil to $48 a barrel(at the time of writing)is considered a serious attack by certain leaders and nations.

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Not only nations, but internally, industries are buffeted and this causes conflicts even within nations like the US. What occurs is a lack of stability and random events which we can call blowback or revenge. At the highest levels, leaders of nations and companies are not fooled by the silly rhetoric of the evening news telling people what a great thing $48 oil is. These people understand the fallout and enormous financial consequences of wiping out trillions in capital, most of which was used to underpin debt, projects, or a credit rating. Oil isnt just a product, its capital, its equity.

So when a nation or company has 55% of its capital wiped out, they get mad, and they want revenge. Right now, there are nations feeling exactly this way. Some matter, some dont, depending on the power of their military and size of their economy. Everyone knows Russia is a target of the oil price decline, but the damage to many other nations like Venezuela, Holland, U.K. and others cant be ignored.

Right now, these nations and companies are biding their time, eating the losses, and hoping it ends soon, real soon. But when it doesnt end soon, and I can tell you without a doubt that it wont, counter moves will begin to be made. These entities have to protect their livelihoods and they will do whatever they feel is necessary to accomplish that. I would even include war as a real possibility.

Besides these dire risks, long term cheap oil is also destabilizing for economies which produce oil. Production of oil is one of the most capital intensive industries in the world, and therefore is a very strong economic driver, requiring engineers, to construction, trucking, refining, to accountants, lawyers, and financial service companies. Oil is a tremendous wealth creator. Its estimated that $1 of oil revenue drives $5-$8 of economic activity. Very few, if any, industries can make this claim.

If oil doesnt rise to at least $80 within a few months, you can expect to start seeing instability in markets, geopolitics, and economies, first with oil producers, and then around the world. It doesnt matter if you work in oil and gas or not, you will be affected, either sooner or later, to a great degree or a lesser degree.

About the Author: Michael Yates is a financial advisor at Wealth Management Vancouver.


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Recruitment Agencies}

Recruitment Agencies


Shannon Scott

At East Coast We Strive To Be The Leader Amongst Sunshine Coast Recruitment Agencies

At East Coast HR we understand just how important finding the right personnel is to your business. Worker cohesiveness and productivity are integral to the success of any company and we will work extensively with you to find the employees who will best satisfy both of these needs for your business. With more than 21 years of experience, we are adept at identifying the best staffing solutions for almost all major industries.

Why work with recruitment agencies?

Running a business takes an incredible amount of time; time that is best spent on doing what your business was designed for, not hiring personnel. Why not leave recruiting personnel to the experts? Finding employees is a talent that is best left to experts who are trained to identify individual skill sets and personalities, and place them within corresponding inudstries. By employing a recruitment agency you’ll have one less worry and access to skilled professionals who will work with you to find candidates that are best for you.

Working with recruitment job agencies will allow you to:

Receive expert advice

– As experts in our fields; we are able to offer recommendations and suggestions on the best way for you to carry out your search for personnel. We will develop a search campaign that focuses on the needs of your business, that we work together to outline.

Save time and money

– Hiring the wrong employee can cost you time and money. Administrative fees, benefits, and background checks are just a few of the expenses that you can incur while employing a new hire. Allowing an hr recruitment agency to do your hiring for you, will help guarantee that you get the best employment solutions your money can buy.

Access to large candidate pool

– Work recruitment agencies work with thousands of people to help them become matched with the right employer. Working with an agency will give you direct access to candidates that have been screened and tested to determine if they are a good fit for your business. Agencies help you narrow down your search process and focus only on the best candidates available.

Working with a recruitment agency offers a wealth of benefits to any company looking to employ personnel on a temporary or permanent basis. As the Sunshine Coast’s

oldest recruitment agency we would be more than happy to assist you in your search for the right employee.

East coast specialises in distinct sectors of the work force which mean they know quite about about your field, which makes them one of the top

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Elton John AIDS Foundation Party to mark the 2007 Academy Awards

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The 15th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) party will mark the Academy Awards 2007 to take place this Sunday, February 25th.

The event will be held at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Sir Elton John and David Furnish will co-host the party. As for this year’s sponsors – Audi, Chopard and VH1 have offered the Elton John Foundation their support. The Grammy nominated rock singer, James Blunt, has been invited to perform at the event.

The annually held gala is found among the major fund-raising events organized by the Foundation. Taking place on the Oscar Night, the party is also aimed to attract international attention towards the fight against AIDS and promote people’s awareness of the terrifying disease. During the period of the last 14 years the event has raised about $ 125 million to support the Foundation in its activities against AIDS, in particular HIV/AIDS prevention and special direct service programs implemented in 55 countries of the world.

The party to be held for the 15th time this year will include a big expanded dinner, live auction and musical performance. Among the guests of the party there will be entertainment community celebrities, Hollywood stars and Oscar winners, as well as the music industry representatives.

Antony Todd, the leading designer of Antony Todd Inc. based in the New York City and involved into special event-designing, has been commissioned to turn Outdoor Plaza of the Pacific Design Center into to a festive arena staged in a designer rectangular tent.

Teenage gunman kills 15 in south-west Germany

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A 17 year old gunman has killed 15 in the towns of Winnenden and Wendlingen, near Stuttgart in southwest Germany, before being killed himself in a shootout with police.

Dressed in what has been described as black combat gear, the gunman entered Albertville school at 9.30am on March 11 2009 and, beginning with a particular classroom, started shooting at pupils and staff wandering through various 9th and 10th grade classrooms, reloading his handgun a number of times as he did so in a two minute shooting spree.

Reportedly aiming at the heads of his victims the gunman, identified as former pupil Tim Kretschmer, initially killed nine pupils, all except one being female, and three female teachers, one of whom was still a trainee who started only 4 weeks earlier. A further seven female students were injured. There are conflicting reports if a tenth student died from injuries later. Other students were injured as they attempted to escape by jumping out of windows.

Police received a call within three minutes at 9:33 a.m. the police entered the school at 9:40 a.m. to discover the bodies of the slain victims. A pupil managed to call for help using a mobile phone, and the headmaster apparently gave an early warning via the intercom so that some of the teachers were able to lock the doors to their classrooms from the inside, probably preventing more killings. From the first floor of the school, Kretschmer fired at the first police who arrived on the scene.

Kretschmer fled the school as further police arrived, and killed a gardener in a nearby clinic as he did so.

As the police evacuated the 1,000 pupil secondary school, Kretschmer, hijacked a Volkswagen Sharan and forced the driver to drive him south. Slowed by a traffic jam Kretschmer forced the driver to drive towards Wendlingen.

A police checkpoint was not able to apprehend Kretschmer. The car went off the road, and the gunman fled into an industrial area in Wendlingen about 40 kilometres (25 miles) from the school.

Tracked by specialist armed police and police spotters in helicopters Kretschmer was finally cornered in the carpark of a car dealership in Wendlingen. Kretschmer, the son of a well known local farmer and businessman, made a last stand and killed a salesman and a customer before being shot by police marksmen being injured in the leg. At first it was unclear if the shooting killed him or if he was wounded and then shot himself. Police now believe that the evidence points to suicide.

During the manhunt, police stormed the youth’s home in Leutenbach to conduct a search. Kretschmer’s father, a hobbyist hunter, legally owned 15 firearms and one was missing from the collection. The majority of the firearms were kept securely locked as German law mandates, however a handgun was kept in the parent’s bedroom and it is this weapon that is presumed to have been used. Also, all the ammunition was not locked away, and Kretschmer reportedly carried a “3-digit figure” of ammunition with him.

The police are still uncertain about the motive, as Kretschmer was known as a calm, inconspicuous person to the people who knew him personally. He didn’t have a criminal record and has apparently not made any announcements of his killing spree, neither online nor to any of his friends.

Kretschmer had been a graduate of Albertville school the previous year.

Two police officers remain in serious condition.

Amazon server outage affects Reddit, other websites

Friday, April 22, 2011’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) experienced outages Thursday, taking down major websites, including Reddit, Foursquare, Hootsuite, and Quora. The company reported on its Web Services “Service Health Dashboard” that it first noticed “instance connectivity, latency and error rates” at 1:41 a.m. PDT (08:41 UTC) Thursday morning.

The outage, which occurred at Amazon’s northern Virginia data center, affected some of the company’s US EC2 clients for much of the day. EC2, which hosts thousands of websites, is an elastic cloud computing platform.

Quora, an online knowledge market, was taken offline by the outage. Reddit, a social news site, was accessible by mid-Thursday, but was still running at limited functionality. Location-based social network Foursquare experienced disruptions in service early Thursday, but appeared to have resumed normal operation by the afternoon. Other sites, such as Hootsuite and SCVNGR, displayed error messages instead of their normal home pages.

Amazon has experienced outages before, including one in 2008 that lasted two hours due to technical problems at a data center. The company did not comment on the cause or scope of Thursday’s outage, but continued to post public updates on its health dashboard. By Thursday evening, Amazon said it had resolved most of the issues affecting EC2, but one service availability zone had still not recovered.

Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh India || Yoga Poses}

Submitted by: Yogi Chetan Mahesh Ji

Virabadrasana – warrior pose

Method of asana:

Take a wide gap… 3 to 4 feet. The gap should be as wide as possible without compromising evenness of the hips, without slipping on the mat and so long as 90 degree bend is possible in front leg.

Back foot should be turned out 45 degrees and ideally the front foot is in line with the arch of the back foot, though intersecting in line with the toes is also possible.

Root down the back leg. Arch of the back foot should be lifted slightly, toes lifted. Back leg should be Active. Active calves and thighs, pushing back. Tight buttock.

This keeps your weight evenly distributed on the two feet. The front leg should be bent at 90 degrees in the final pose. Knee should NOT extend farther forward than the toes.

The front quadriceps and hamstrings should be working to draw the femur back towards the back leg. Kneecap lifted up. Front toes lifted up. Hips should be open and square to the side.

Tailbone and hips scooped. Mulla and Uddiana bandhas activated. Bring up the chest, floating rib up. Shoulders back and down, shoulder blades working towards one another.

Spine is straight. Arms are strong and stretched towards the front and back equally. Side bodies elongated. Chin is slightly down and gaze is towards the fingers of the forward arm.

Physiological benefits:

This is mostly a strengthening pose for the legs and the core. It’s also a hip opener. There is a tiny bit of balance involved. It’s a good beginners pose and relatively difficult to injure yourself in it.

Who should avoid it?

If you have knee or ankle problems, don’t hold it for a long time, though if you are doing it correctly there should not be excess weight coming onto the front knee or ankle anyway. People with high blood pressure should take precaution as with any strengthening pose.

Bhujangasana: Cobra pose

Method of asana:

Lie on belly. Extend your legs behind you with about a 3 inches gap. Press your pelvis into the floor rooting your pubis bone down. Stretch back with your legs. Active legs. Active buttocks. Place hands palm down on the ground beside the floating ribs. Elbows should be held close to the chest.

Lift your head chest and shoulders off the mat. A nice trick is to imagine your back as a wave that starts below the shoulder blades. So first bring up the upper back, then shoulders, then neck, then head. You should not be pressing down very much with your hands. Hands and arms can apply traction backwards on the mat to help bring the chest forward. Shoulders back, chest wide.

Look ahead and slightly up. Front half of body and back half should pull away from one another equally. There should be an even curve in every part of the back. Weight should be supported by the pelvis.

Physiological benefits:

This pose is a backbend and a strengthening pose. Heart opening. People with intense back pain may want to have caution with this pose, THOUGH if you do it correctly it can help to alleviate back pain by making the spine supple and curving it evenly. It is good for the abdominal organs and helps to tone then nicely.

Who should avoid it?

Pregnant women should not do this pose.

About the Author: website:




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Australian researchers confirm stress makes you sick

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Australian researchers say they have scientifically proven that stress causes sickness. The Garvan Institute in Sydney has discovered that a hormone, known as neuropeptide Y, (NPY) is released into the body during times of stress. Their findings show the hormone can stop the immune system from functioning properly.

Neuropeptide Y is one of those hormones that gets unregulated or released from neurones when stressful situations occur…it’s known for example that it regulates blood pressure and heart rates so your heart rate goes up but it hasn’t been known that it actually can affect immune cells as well,” said Professor Herbert Herzog, one of the researchers.

Herzog feels it is good to finally have proof of something people have suspected for so long.

“Now we have proven without doubt that there is a direct link and that stress can weaken the immune system and that makes you more vulnerable when you for example have a cold or flu and even in the more serious situations such as cancer can be enhanced in these situations,” said Herzog.

The Garvan Institute study centres on two key events that enable the human body to recognise foreign substances and control invaders. When our body encounters a pathogen (bacteria and viruses), the immune cells retain and interrogate suspects. Their activation is made possible by NPY. These cells then return to the lymph nodes, which are found all over the body, with information about the foreign invaders. The lymph nodes are where decisions about defence are made.

“Most of us expect to come down with a cold or other illness when we are under pressure, but until now we have mostly had circumstantial evidence for a link between the brain and the immune system,” said lead Garvan researcher, associate Professor Fabienne Mackay. “During periods of stress, nerves release a lot of NPY and it gets into the bloodstream, where it directly impacts on the cells in the immune system that look out for and destroy pathogens (bacteria and viruses) in the body.”

In the case of bacteria and viruses, TH1 cells are part of the attack team that is sent out on the ‘search and destroy’ mission. But when their job is done they need to be turned ‘off’ and the immune system reset. The same hormone, NPY, that activates the sentry cells now prompts the TH1 cells to slow down and die.

“Under normal conditions, circulating immune cells produce small amounts of NPY, which enables the immune cells on sentry duty and the TH1 immune cells to operate – it’s a yin and yang kind of situation. But too much NPY means that the TH1 attack is prevented despite the foreign invaders being identified – and this is what happens during stress,” added McKay.

The impact of stress on the body has been observed in athletes. Ph. D researcher at the University of Queensland, Luke Spence, together with the Australian Institute of Sport, studied elite and recreational athletes over five months.

They found elite athletes were more susceptible to respiratory diseases under stress.

“A lot of elite athletes put themselves through vast amounts of physical stress in their training, but also their emotional, psychological stress of feeling the pressure of Australia on their shoulders, wanting to compete and wanting to do their best,” said Spence.

It’s not just athletes who are prone to stress. Pressures at work and at home may cause emotional and mental stress that can be equally damaging. Almost a third of all work absenteeism in Australia is due to illness, costing employers over $10 billion a year.

“I think it has a huge impact for the work force and also for employers – if their employees are constantly stressed, constantly under pressure, they are more likely to get sick,” Spence said.

Further research could lead to the development of new drugs which may inhibit the action of the neuropeptide Y hormone.

Herzog warns people to minimise stress before it becomes a problem.

“Relaxation methods like yoga will help you to prevent that but there will still be people out there that are not responding to that and treatment by interfering with the system will be important,” he said. “There’s obviously some time until such a treatment will be available but this is something we will definitely work towards.”

The Garvan research will be published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, Volume 202, No. 11.