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We ve noticed that more and more home owners in the Bristol area are turning to the latest generation of artificial lawn, grass and turf products to keep their lawn and garden beautiful and trim all year round. Of course, this couldn t make us happier, but it does mean that a lot of people have questions about the care and maintenance of artificial lawns and turf. That s why we felt it would be a good time to provide a bit of advice about maintaining your artificial turf.

All artificial grass is classified as a low maintenance product. One of the strongest draws for artificial turf has always been that you don t have to mow it, treat it, water it, or fertilise it. Of course, the amount of maintenance required varies between different types of turf. We prefer to use British-made Gorilla Grass products. In our opinion, they substantially outperform all but the most extravagantly expensive competing products, at a very reasonable price. If you don t have a genuine Gorilla Grass lawn, you might require more care and maintenance than we advise here.


If leaves or light rubbish begin to build up on your artificial lawn, a stout brush or a leaf blower should be all you need to remove them. Your local garden centre should be able to supply both.



If your artificial turf has been professionally fitted, you should never have to worry about weeds. A sturdy anti-weed membrane will have been applied under the turf, which will prevent and fallen seeds from reaching the soil beneath, and any growth from beneath from penetrating the turf.


Your artificial turf can become dirty or soiled in many ways, but most normal soiling can simply be hosed off, or left until the next rain, which should clean your lawn adequately. For turf used for regular sporting events (astro turf), you should hose the turf down regularly for sanitary reasons, but no extra maintenance is required.


Your artificial lawn almost certainly came pre-perforated, and should have been laid on a prepared surface, so drainage should never be an issue. Better still, it will never develop a muddy patch, even with heavy footfall.

Animal waste

Pet and animal urine can be hosed away easily. Solid waste should be physically removed, then the area hosed off. No kind of animal waste will discolour or harm your artificial lawn in any way.


Artificial grass may become tramped down or flattened. This is only a cosmetic issue, and can be either brushed upright again, or in-filled with dry sand for a more permanent solution. The latter us usually done by a professional installer, but you can DIY fairly easily.


Any modern, high quality artificial grass will be extremely resistant to fading, and this should not ever be a problem. UV light, pet urine, or common chemicals should have no effect whatsoever on the bright colour of your grass.

I hope that has addressed most of your questions. If I ve missed anything, don t hesitate to contact us at 0800 999 666 5, and we ll be sure to help.

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