Before You Buy Casio Px 130 Digital Piano Caution!}

Before You Buy Casio PX 130 Digital Piano – Caution!


Nevinna Fimm

The Casio PX 130 is an 88 key digital grand piano from the PX Series or Casio Privia Series of digital pianos that have a distinction for being remarkable performers. As a result of its reputation, it is one of the most common and sought after transportable pianos from Casio. In this editorial, find out several of the disadvantages it may have in spite of its popularity.

When you compare it to the baby grand pianos, you find that it actually does a brilliant job of replicating very comparable sound characteristic despite the fact that it actually costs just a fraction of an actual baby grand keyboard.

A second point, the size and weight (less than 25 lbs) of the Casio PX 130 digital musical instrument shows that it is actually designed with the busy pianist in mind. Many owners of this musical instrument are people who need to have their digital keyboard for work or produce music and thus want to be able to easily carry it around. That is not something you ordinarily do with a grand keyboard of course.

So you get a musical gizmo that you can carry with you to keyboard practice lessons after school or on the weekend, no matter even if you are a student or music lecturer. And that comes at a fraction of the price of an authentic classic keyboard.

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Another favorite benefit of the Casio PX 130 is that it is equipped with 88 keys. This is an amazing because you can use it as a novice and even go on to average or advanced playing levels without having to replace your electronic piano with a new one. when you shop around, you may find digital musical instruments that come with 61 keys but you have to ask yourself how far you will go with only that many keys.

The Casio Privia PX 130 features include the graded hammer action keys. What this does is that it emulates the action of an acoustic keyboard. In an acoustic piano, generally, the bass notes (keys) would be harder to press and the higher octaves could be easier. In the PX 130, you will experience the same feeling of an acoustic musical instrument if playing with the graded hammer action feature on. It is awesome for practicing.

More importantly is the fact that when you use a digital musical instrument like this one, and finally when you get to play the real deal – a grand piano, it is no sweat for you to play your cherished songs.

A combination of all these features is what has earned the Casio PX 130 electronic keyboard its authority among home users, schools, churches, and even on stage performers.

Here are several of the features of the Casio PX 130 Digital Piano:

– Equipped with built-in speakers, with 2 x 8 Watts of output power, which is enough to fill a room with sound. For on stage performance, it is recommended to connect it to a dependable amplifier system

– Additional settings such as four digital reverbs, four choruses, brilliance and acoustic resonance settings

– It is easy to connect to your computer with the built in USB MIDI interface. You can use your song software on your PC or laptop

– Connecting to your computer allows you to move songs to and from the computer into PX-130’s flash ROM, allowing you to save songs you’ve created on the piano to learn on, improve and save to CD or other digital media

– You could pick from 16 built in tones, and combine them to compose the precise sound you desire

Some of the dislikes include the fact that it only has one USB port and so if you need more connectivity, you may have to add on an USB hub type of device. Also, since it is a transportable digital piano, it is a worthwhile idea to buy a carrying case or bag since the musical instrument is made of mainly plastic. Of course if it were made of metal, it would be harder to break, but it could also weigh a lot more. It is a reasonable trade off to many pianist for the portability.

If you are interested in training more about the

Casio PX 130

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Before You Buy Casio PX 130 Digital Piano – Caution!