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With each passing day more and more betters prefer to bet on various events from the world of sports online. Football fans are millions of people around the world. One of the features of our favorite games is the absolute unpredictability. Even those teams for which no one seriously expects, might suddenly shoot. For example, it was at the 2004 European Championship, when the Greek team won the continental championship.

Predict the outcome of the football events is always difficult. However, betting on sport results football is favorite entertainment of betters.

Today, with the development of Internet betting on a football match have moved to the network, and better remains only to find a place where it can provide the best service.

Betting on football on the Internet: kinds of bets

Football fans who want to experience their own strength in forecasting, get a wide field of activity on websites. Bets via the Internet are presented here in all its diversity. If you want you can put almost any occasion of a football match. All this variety of options is divided into the following main categories:

– Forecasts for the outcome of the match (win one of the teams, draw)

– Double Chance (first team not to lose, there will be no a draw, not to lose the second team)

– Total (number of goals scored in the match)

– Individual events (eg, C. Ronaldo score the ball, Higuain received a yellow card)

– Team events (percentage of possession, number of strokes, etc.)

– Forecasts for the result of the tournament

– Express (forecasts for a few games)

Expression in betting on football

Betting online in the form of express trains is traditionally among the most popular. However, the uncertainty of results of football matches can play a cruel joke with the better. Express in bookmakers promise great rates, but they should be approached with caution. Where there is large jackpot, there is a significant risk. From years of practice we can say that in the expression it is better to use rates for the football game on a double chance. Such insurance will greatly enhance your chances on success.

Also, do not include an express football betting on friendlies. Players usually do not attach much importance to such games.

Bets on football online: what to look for.

If you have decided to earn extra money with online football sport betting results, you should keep in mind several important respects. First of all, the importance of the recent results of the teams. This factor should be determinative. Statistics of personal meetings between the two rivals is much less important. Many of the results of such statistics apply to games of 10-20 years old. And, you see, to put in football, which quite other players worked, is rather silly.

The experts also advised to pay attention to the way the team plays home and away. Many teams are traditionally home. Before native public, they are ready to fight any opponent, and in a foreign field they give only a pale shadow.

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