Facts About Facelift Recovery Patients Should Be Aware Of

Facts About Facelift Recovery Patients Should Be Aware Of


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One should be aware how much time is spent in recovery following a facelift process. Before any surgery, patients should debate with the surgeon the details regarding the process. Expected results and possible outcomes should be talked about at this time.

2 weeks before the operation use of any medicine that will affect blood clotting like asprin and birth control tablets is discontinued. Smoking and second user smoke exposure is aslo avoided before and after the process.

Some amount of bruising and swelling are going to be anticipated after the procedure. A study among facelift surgery patients conducted by the North American Society of Cosmetic surgeons shows that recovery takes 24 days on the average. On a range of one to 10, patients rated facelift agony with a median of 5. This discomfort lasted an average of ten days without medicine and six days on medication.

The capacity to drive is revived after roughly 2 weeks and sleeping comfortably can be regained after roughly two-and-a-half weeks.


Make-up application can be resumed after 2 weeks. Active activities, like going to parties, after 1 to 4 months dependent on the procedure. To maintain the integrity of the incisions, exhausting activities should be avoided for at least 2 weeks after the process.

Patients are suggested to take walks three or four times each day to boost blood circulation. To stop face flushing, steam rooms or saunas must be avoided momentarily.

Procedures which involve mouth incisions will need a special diet which should be followed precisely.

Frequent trips to the surgeon should be followed. Bandages may be modified during these visits. The sutures can also be removed in 5 days. The visits will permit the surgeon to observe the healing progress.

It is possible the patient will have bouts with depression during the healing process. A recovering patient will feel uncomfortable about the puffiness and stiffness of the face, these feelings are certainly standard.

It is highly recommended that patients should know these facts before any process to avoid unwished-for surprises. Well-informed patients can prepare not only for the surgery but also for the recovery.

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