How To Get Back Your Ex (From A Dumper’s Perspective)}

Submitted by: Tristan Lee

A lot of people just “don’t get it” when it comes down to getting back an ex. When I broke it off with my girlfriend, because I couldn’t stand her, within a one or two months, I was head over heels for her again. Using ways that I didn’t even know would work, she eventually got me back even though I told myself we were done for good.

Getting an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend back isn’t as hard as it seems! The first thing you have to do is

get a hold of yourself

. Breaking up with someone isn’t the end of the world and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you will be more attractive. For the first two weeks, my ex girlfriend cried, complained, and told me that she wouldn’t be clingy. This made me want to run away even more. Don’t get me wrong, she was a cool down to earth, person but sometimes, she was just way too clingy.

I believe that is the number one rule when trying to get your ex back. Don’t smother your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend, telling them how much you miss her or how much you love them. That is not the reason why ex’s break up! You have to, as I said before,

get a hold of yourself

! Don’t think about your ex and do some activities that will take your mind off of your ex like interacting with other people, playing sports, participating in a club or hobby, or going to the movies with your friends. I know this will seem like an impossible task at first, especially if youre a person that hung out with your ex 24/7. But continue with this, and as days go by, it will get a lot easier. Your ex will wonder why you haven’t “smothered” them lately and will start thinking about you and what you’ve been up to.

Once a good time has passed by where you are not obsessively thinking about what your ex is doing, which may take a couple weeks to a month, then you can start contacting your ex. When you contact them via AOL instant messenger, text messaging, or cell phone, talk to them as if they were “just your friend.” Don’t start talking about how much you thought about them during the last few weeks. Just talk to them casually and if they happen to bring back moments first, then you can talk about those moments that brought you two together in the first place. Never scorn your ex for dumping you or breaking up with you as this may lead to an argument and a lost opportunity to get your ex back.

If you talked to them casually, shared a couple of laughs, used some flirting techniques on them, and basically have a fun, playful conversation, then your ex will start to grow feelings for you again. It would be even powerful if midway through your guys’ conversation, you said that you need to go because you were busy and needed to take care of something, leaving them curiously thinking what could be more important than talking to your ex that you “love so much?” But this depends on if you have the strength to leave without being desperate, but still giving hints that you still love and care for them. If all goes well, you should have no problem getting your ex back. Good luck.

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