Mission Guide For The Eye Of Horus Quest In The Secret World

Submitted by: Alduin Montagno

The Eye of Horus is by far one of the most difficult missions we’ve come across in The Secret World. It is part of the City of the Sun God quests and is just 3 tiers long. But don’t let the low number of tiers fool you, this mission is a beast. We highly recommend taking this one on with a group. Soloing it is next to impossible even with a strong build. Come prepared with energy drinks as the mobs do quite a bit of damage and heal themselves rather often.

The Eye of Horus is in the City of the Sun God zone and starts out in Thutmose (coordinates around 628, 905) and is an action based mission. Our full walkthrough for this mission is listed below.

Tier 1

Find the Sigil Fragments

There are mobs around of Keepers that you need to kill. There are 2 in specific that you need to kill in order to pick up the sigil fragments, Garran and Sh’ar. One is on the left side, the other on the right. Kill them and loot them to get the fragments. After doing this you’ll be given the next mission update:

Combine the Fragments on an Altar of Binding

The next thing you have to do is combine the fragments on the altar. This is located quite close by on a platform. You should be able to see it. It’s a little tricky to get to but there are multiple ways to get there. If you’re having trouble finding the altar, it’s near the coordinates of 521, 633. Once you place the fragments on it you’ll get the next update.


Tier 2

Use the Eye of Horus to siphon the powers of Aban of the Black Nile

In order to complete this tier you’ll need to kill off 6 different enemies and collect the siphons from them. But note that in order to get credit for the mission you HAVE to have the Eye of Horus buff ON. This is a pain because it only lasts for 30 seconds so you’ll have to keep turning it on over and over again. You don’t have to have it on the entire battle but it HAS to be on when you actually kill each enemy or you won’t get the siphon for the kill. The enemies are these guys:







inger Sayyid

Each one patrols a specific quadrant within the area. Your map should have each one marked for you. Some of them can be tricky to beat but if you’re playing in a group it shouldn’t be too difficult. Just make sure that the Eye of Horus is active when you deal the last hit or the battle will have been all for nothing. This is the case for all 6 of these guys.

Tier 3

After killing all 6 enemies and collecting the siphons you’ll be given your next mission update:

Kill Hazat, General of Aten

Hazat is near the middle of this zone. Just like with the previous foes you’ll have to have the Eye of Horus buff on when you kill him to receive credit for doing so. This can be a somewhat lengthy battle but as long as you keep the buff on, avoid damage and keep attacking you’ll bring him to his knees rather easily.

Rewards for the Eye of Horus mission in The Secret World include 20,000 Pax, 5 Pure Metal, 2 Valley of the Sun God Sequins and around 263,000 experience points.

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