Paper Embroidery A New And Creative Form Of Needlework}

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If you have never heard of the term paper embroidery, you might think that its a strange idea to be stitching on paper instead of on fabric. But paper embroidery has actually been practiced by people for many decades now. Although it has been started quite a long time ago, its popularity only started to peak in recent years when more individuals manifested interest in this unique art form.

The main purpose of paper embroidery these days is to add a personal touch to otherwise nondescript items, such as notebook covers perhaps or a page in your scrapbook. Many people also like to create paper embroidery greeting cards.

We all like receiving gifts and remembrances that the giver had put a lot of effort into making, and paper embroidery cards are definitely something that is well thought of. These gifts will surely be treasured by the recipient for many years.

Paper embroidery is very similar to needlework on fabric in the sense that you use a needle and thread to create attractive patterns and designs. The concept is the same and the only difference is in the materials to be used.


When preparing your materials for your paper embroidery, the first thing you have to think about is the type of paper that you will be using. It has to be something that is tough enough to contain the threads of the embroidery design, but also fibrous enough for you to be able to push a needle through it.

Speaking of needles, the type of needle you need for your paper embroidery project is something that is very thin and sharp so it won’t create unnecessary pores in your paper.

You also have to make sure though that the eye of the needle will be able to accommodate the thickness of the thread you are planning to use. Many paper embroidery experts recommend that you use the 75/11 needles for your work.

The next thing you have to consider is the kinds of threads to use. In paper embroidery, you can actually use any kind of embroidery thread you like. You just have to make sure that the thread will fit the needle, and that it wont be too thick for the paper you have decided on using.

One of the fabulous things about paper embroidery is that you can combine the needlework with other forms of art that you can do on paper. For example, you can use clear glue to sprinkle glitter onto your paper, or even add sequins or beads to your work.

There is actually no limit to what you can add. You just have to make sure that your paper embroidery project is well put together even with all the elements you put in.

Once you get the hang of paper embroidery, you will definitely be able to produce many unique products and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Embroidery designs have good and bad things about them. The good things include the fact that many people the designs make a piece of material or clothing can look much better than before embroidery. It can give that piece a more professional look to it. Sophistication can be brought to a specific product. Your garment can be pleasing to the eye and bold also. It will make it more attractive and wonderful. The way the garment will change will depend on the design chosen.

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