Stainless Steel Toilet Partitions

By Patricia Holland

Stainless steel toilet partitions represent the medium to high end of our partition product offerings with the attributes of modern clean designs from a satin finished panel to modern textured design. Of all the material builds available, these dividers feature an attraction factor, a durable longevity, and a versatile applicability beyond bathroom design that makes them invaluable to many industrial environments and production areas.

Let’s begin by looking at the importance of the aesthetic factor at hand. Stainless steel has a high luster finish and by nature looks more eye-catching than other forms of metal. Industrial warehouses and factories are notoriously ‘plain’ in their appearance due to the very nature of the facility and the demands of the production cycle.

Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for dignitaries in the corporation to visit these facilities for inspection and managerial purposes. Such visitors will be much more comfortable at your location if you set aside a portion of your floor space as a nice foyer, possibly an office or two, and a restroom area that is clean, well-lighted, and well-designed.

Stainless steel toilet partitions are ideal for such a purpose because they will compliment any interior architecture and countertop design. They will also naturally compliment stainless steel appliances and interior plumbing. If your facility entertains clients as part of the sales cycle, it can only add value to your presentation to have such facilities onsite that will make the best impression possible on decision makers.


Of course, functionality is the heart of industry because practicality can never be overlooked in the world of manufacturing, machining, inventory control, safety, and shipping. At the heart of functionality lies the need for a versatile product that offers maximum longevity with the least amount of maintenance. Stainless steel toilet partitions fulfill this need very well with their innate resistance to corrosion.

Many heavy industries, such as the oil refining business and the chemical plastics industry, operate environments where the atmosphere becomes saturated with corrosive agents. Installing partitions that can resist this corrosion and lower replacement costs is well worth the higher front end costs when we consider the intrinsic return on investment the product brings to the table.

In fact, so great is the corrosion resistance of stainless steel toilet partitions that many companies order them for installation in areas other than their company restrooms. Factory floors often have restricted areas where dangerous equipment is housed and hazardous materials are stored.

Many companies erect partitions around the sides of these areas to block them off from traffic and place yellow safety barriers across the front of the area. This effectively seals off the area with the equivalent of an easily erected, virtual wall that consumes a minimum of floor space and requires no renovated build out.

Consider the obvious as well when deciding between stainless steel toilet partitions and other material options. Sanitation is of the highest importance in any company restroom, but in some industries, it is by nature mandated by law and common protocol.

If you are a hospital, medical clinic, or lab testing center of any kind, it makes sense to spend the extra money on stainless steel. Its resistance to staining and its tolerance of a large number of strong chemical cleaning agents makes it possible to maintain a virtual sterile environment in the one room where almost all of your patients are sure to visit during their trip to your office.

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