Storsjoodjuret The Great Lake Monster Of Lake Storsjon In Sweden

By Robert Benjamin

The Storsjoodjuret or ‘The Great Lake Monster’ of lake Storsjon in Sweden is a long serpent-like creature whose sightings date back to over 400 hundred years, and over those 400 years, there have been over 200 recorded sighting of the Swedish Lake Monster. Its legend can be compared to that of Nessy’s and other lake creatures. The Storsjoodjuret however has not had much hype as the rest of these reported creatures. The lake where the monster resides is estimated to have been created over 9000 years ago during the end of the ice age. The surroundings and the circumstances that surround the lake have made a great environment for the healthy growth of fish in the lake. Lake Storsjon is also said to be quite resistant to pollution that is why it is not hard to imagine that such a monster would be able to survive in the great Swedish lake.

The fascination over the Storsjoodjuret has been rooted strongly in the people surrounding the lake, so much so that there are a large number of people who do not doubt the monster’s existence even for a second. From a distance, the Storsjoodjuret easily resembles a long serpent-like creature with humps that run across it back. It has a small cat like head with ears or fins that are pressed onto the sides of its neck. The length of the Storsjoodjuret varies from 3.5 to 14 meters and is as wide as 1.25 meters. However, a small number of witnesses who have had the chance to view the Storsjoodjuret up close describe it to be opposite from the serpentine like description and that it was only about 3 meters in length and had short thick feet, a huge head and rounded eyes.

It has been noticed that the creature seems to prefer the bays and the sounds of the Storsjon Lake. It may also be present in the deeper waters but that sightings here are rare because the animal can dive the deep depths of the lake and easily camouflage itself. The Storsjoodjuret seem to prefer appearing in the warmer months, although there have been reported sightings of the creature during the autumn and winter months.


There has been a lot of skepticism against the existence of the Storsjoodjuret. Most of the comments have tried to disprove that the Storsjoodjuret does live in the great Swedish lake; but all of these comments have been met with counter objections that support the true existence of the Storsjoodjuret in the Storsjon Lake. One attack is that, the sightings were only of air bubbles that come from the cracks in the bottom of the lake. That may be true, but most of the sightings tell of a long line that can easily be followed across the lake; it is quite hard to imagine bubbles with such a property. Another is that the humps on the water were just heads of a row of elks swimming on the lake with their heads above water. It is true that elks do this, but swimming elks cannot move as fast and as smooth as the Storsjoodjuret.

There is a website that describes the Storsjoodjuret and numerous other creatures of Cryptozoology in detail, this website is called: Unknown Creatures and it may be found at this url:

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