Street Racing Games Who Else Wants L.A. Street Racing Games?

By Anu Kool

Street racing games are fun, enjoyable and they totally take your mind off of things! As you cruise the streets on a pimped up car, driving 200 miles per hour you can feel your blood rush through you as you pass the others and you tread towards the finish line. You can always find a wonderful array of blood-pressure popping games at

However, some street racing games have given an awful name to this genre. Specifically, budget games. All for lower overhead costs, they made the game despicable to the point of being trash can worthy after the first try. These games have the worst graphics seen, kind of like the Super Mario game in the first generation Nintendo Game Boy that was almost black and white, they are boring, with repetitive scenes and they are just plain ugly to look at, let alone play with.

However, one certain game is like the saving grace of the budget street racing games industry. And that is L.A. Street Racing. The plot of the game is plain and simple – racing in the dark and grumpy streets of Los Angeles, California as a kid. You have four rally points to choose from, which are all locations seen within this infamously crime ridden city in California. These so called rally points are usually near malls or mini-marts wherein you group with a bunch of people, insulting and cussing like regular LA punks then they challenge your character to one of the most exciting street racing games in the history of budget games.

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After all the bad mouth talk that may get generic overtime, you get to go to the real part of the game, the street race. You go one on one with the guy who challenges you and the more you win, the higher your raking will be. This ranking become the basis if you can move forward to other rally points and then finally go hood to hood with the top street racer named ‘Matt Peacock’ (I know, why use such a dorky name?)

The fun thing about street racing games is that it’s not just about the race as normal races are. It is also about that extra ‘something something’ that sweetens the game. For L.A. Street Racing, that is participating in wagers. When you opt to participate in this bet, you up the ante by getting something off of the other rider’s car, like a great muffler or a better tranny or even tires that will increase your performance. A little word of advise though is that you have to know that not all new parts won from wagers will actually make your car’s performance better.

L.A. Street Racing may not be the one of the top 5 simulation street racing games in the history of PC gamin but it is the number one budget street racing game ever. And if you want to experience the fun of driving and cruising your way to the streets of LA at low a cost and with virtually zero opportunity to end up as a casualty, then download this game or other similar street racing games at

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