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In today s economy, a dollar is no longer a symbol of prosperity. In fact, according to the World Resources Institute, one dollar can only buy a person a dozen of eggs, eight cups of milk, seven bars of soap, and 4 1/3 rolls of toilet paper. Though apparently a dollar is still worth a great deal of money, it is not something that a person can brag or use to buy gold. Simply put, having a dollar does not make any real difference, especially when we talk about real estate investment strategies.

But would you believe that the same dollar has bought Sydney s Luna Park, Chelsea Football Club, Barings Bank, UK Woolworths, and Saab? Yes, it might seem too hard to believe but it is definitely true. All these properties were sold for $1.

Luna Park Sydney for $1

The classic, old-time fun park used to be a state government property and was sold for a dollar to Luna Park Sydney in 2005 on the condition that the company invests in the maintenance of the fun park. A business controlled by Multiplex, Luna Park Sydney is a seven-decade old amusement park located on Glen Street, Milsons Point in New South Wales, Australia. It was originally constructed in 1935 at the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and went on for nine-month season until 1972 when it was opened year-round.


In 2007, Multiplex publicized that it was intending to sell the 99-year lease on a piece of a park, in particular, one of the undeveloped sections of the Luna Park for approximately 7 million dollars. It is available to be purchased by anyone who wants to put up a restaurant or an office block around the area. If this happens, the property developer would be earning 7 million worth of profits on a land that was originally sold for $1.

Buy Less, Earn Big

Similar with Luna Park Sydney, any property developer can definitely earn huge profits from small start-up deals. The price may not always be as cheap as $1 but one can definitely gross big especially when the investor knows property investment secrets and creative real estate strategies.

In the same way, aspiring property developers should not only stick with speculating, that is the practice of buying chunks of land and waiting for their value to rise. In order to earn big, people should also invest on the property by using it to collect higher income. They must consider any price appreciation to be a simple icing in the cake or an additional income. As such, they should also maximize their assets by renting or leasing their property.

In addition to these, an investor should also learn about alternative strategies in real estate investing; particularly, strategies that enable them to instantly buy and sell houses without lots of cash or the banks involved.

Rick Otton is one such property investor who has devoted his life coaching aspiring home-owners and real estate investors on how to buy and sell property without having to get a bank loan. His latest book, How to Buy a House for $1 presents proven methods that can help anyone successfully invest in real estate, regardless of their financial situation.

For those who are willing to think outside the box, buying property for just a dollar is a very possible feat.

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