Tips To Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back Without Looking Pathetic

Tips to Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back Without Looking Pathetic


Cedric Loiselle

If you broke up with your ex boyfriend, and you suddenly realized that breaking up with him was a mistake, then, you probably are troubled by the thought of having him back. But, before you look for your phone and dial his number, have a bit of pride. It s probably not a good idea for you to act as if you are begging for him to come back to you. Have some self-respect.

The secret to winning him back has to do with catching his attention in subtle ways.

Look pretty. Just because you broke up yesterday does not mean that you can look gloomy. Go the opposite direction. Put on your best dress and apply some makeup. Your ex-boyfriend will not think you are worth coming back to if you show up looking frayed.


Go about your usual activities. It is normal to feel depressed after a breakup, but it doesn t mean that you have to stay sad. One way to fight the sadness is to divert your attention to more fruitful activities. Sulking in your room will not change things. Instead, focus your energies on your work or on activities that you know will make you happy, for example, shopping or hanging out with your best friends. Your ex-boyfriend might be surprised to see you in good disposition.

Greet your ex-boyfriend. If you live in the same city, work at the same company, or go to the same school, chances are you will bump into each other occasionally. Save yourself from the awkwardness by acting civil and greeting him if you happen to bump into each other unexpectedly. Smile and look cheerful. Do not make him think that you are sad because you are no longer together.

Make casual conversations. When, all of a sudden, you bump into each other, chances are the two of you will be spending a few minutes having a talk. You can start by saying he looks great, or you could praise his outfit or new haircut, for example. Do not make it too personal. It s probably not right to ask him if he has a girlfriend already. Save this question for a more appropriate time.

Do not be the first one to greet all the time. On other occasions, pretend to ignore him, and pretend that you re busy you could phone a friend, or pretend to be checking your Twitter or Facebook on your handy mobile phone.

Pay attention to how he responds to you. The reason you should remain casual and civil towards him is because you should not lead him to think that you are still interested in him. Of course, you are, but you should not be too obvious. Before you make advances, pay attention to the way he talks to you. Listen to the tone of his voice. Is there some old sweetness or caring in the tone of his voice? Or just flatness and nonchalance? Stop pursuing him if he shows indifference.

Do not waste opportunities. If you meet each other at noontime, ask him to have lunch together. A lunch together is much like a moment you spend with your friends, so he should not suspect that you are after a romantic get-together. Just make the invitation simple – Hey, do you want to join me for lunch? If he says yes, that s a good sign. During your time together, try to talk just a bit about your fond memories together. Doing so may bring the spark back.

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Tips to Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back Without Looking Pathetic