Want To Be A Doctor? 4 Things You Should Know


Earning a medical education in USA can give you a huge competitive edge when you finally go back home. But years of study abroad can take a toll on you. Finding the right program and school can help:

Your average score

Some students apply to schools wherein their average scores are higher than the school’s average. This more than increases their chances of getting accepted into med school. While that’s a good backup plan, make sure you choose schools you like. Otherwise, you could spend the next few years struggling to finish your degree. That or spend more when you switch to another school.

Your ideal location

Where is the school’s US branch or campus? 4 years is a long time. You’ll want to make sure you spend that time in a town, city or state you like. Check out the cost of living in the area. Are the rates student-friendly? What about accommodations? Could you afford to rent an apartment near the campus so you only need to walk to get to and from your classes? This can affect the quality of your life and happiness in med school, says the Prospective Doctor, so make sure you choose with care and caution.

Your special interests

Some schools are better primary care training while others excel at research. Some offer global medicine electives or programs. You’ll want to consider any special interests you have before you choose a school and match that up with the kind of training you want to add to your resume.

Your learning style

What kind of teaching style do you respond to the best? Do you like small group learning? Then you’ll want to look for schools that focus on that. Just want lectures? These are just a few things you’ll need to mull over when you earn a medical education in the USA.