What Documentation Do I Need To Rent An Apartment And Why Is It All Necessary?

By Adriana J Noton

When you decide to move out and rent your first apartment it should be a joyful time full of excitement. However for many when they start to think about what documentation do I need to rent an apartment there is some sense of stress. It is nothing to get worked up over as it is really quite simple and something that nearly everyone can do for themselves.

It is possible that you could need many different pieces of information and documentation when you go to rent an apartment. Plus if it is your first apartment then there is the chance that you could need quite a bit more than if you are just moving to a different apartment. It does not matter which situation you are in as you can easily be prepared on your own prior to meeting with an apartment manager.

The most basic information that you are going to need to be able to answer what documentation do I need to rent an apartment is a copy of your income. There are some apartment complexes that require that you have at least a minimum income level. However, most apartments do not have this requirement. There are always apartments out there so do not get discouraged or frustrated if the one that you think you want is not available to you.


There are some people who budget out a higher percentage of their income for rent. When this is the case it can be frustrating for an apartment manager to not be willing to rent to you because of your income level. You can always ask that this policy be waivered and in some circumstances simply find someone who can be a co-signor on your apartment. This co-signor acts much like someone who co-signs on a loan just in the event that you break your lease.

The next pieces of information that are suggested for you to gather might or might not be required. You should gather the following documentation that you have to answer the question what documentation will I need to rent an apartment. The number one thing to consider is a form of identification that has your picture. The accepted items are drivers licenses, state issued photo ids, military ids, and passports.

There is some variation as to the additional documents that you could need. You could possibly need all of the following or in some cases just a few.

The things that you should consider are proof of current residence, social security card, proof of school attendance, proof of any financial income from school like student grants or loans, proof of military service, proof of military income, and references that you can use.

Once you have gathered all of your information to fulfill what documentation do I need to rent an apartment then you are going to be able to minimize the stress that you feel while looking for your apartment. Plus you will have a greater chance of finding the perfect apartment to meet your needs.

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